Wednesday , 17 January 2018

My Life As A Mouse – A Very Mousey Thanksgiving


Sooo funny, a fake skunk ! You losers crack me up ! BOL !




 A  Very Mousey Thanksgiving

So I am told I must be thankful this morning…For what??

That they bring in animals with silly names in this house just to confuse me?

First of all …Mouse. Why the heck call me Mouse? I AM A DOG!!! Yes I am grey and have big ears.

One of the Golden Brothers here is named Bear , cuz he’s so big and cuddley..

Skunk and Bear - anything wrong with this picture?????

Uh huh.

So if a plump foster puppy shows up today are we calling him Turkey?

Now we have this kitten named Skunk and I am not supposed to get confused?

Sure I know I am supposed to wait for Mother in the foyer. But Friday night she was late and that idiot brother of mine raced out to greet her first ….So I thought something big was going down and the next thing I knew something black and white was running by and I thought it was that feline named Skunk and then … boom… I was blinded, dazed and confused! And what was that smell????? SKUNK!! So now Father insists on washing me in peroxide. 4 times…in the back yard …with the hose…. from the summer. It is October people!!

Then they send The Boy to run like hell to Mondou to buy something called “Skunk Be Gone.” shampoo.

Well why didn’t they get that in July when the skunks moved in?    BOL !!

And while I am being water boarded in the back yard at 10 at night what do I see in the window? Mommy Dearest holding that little black and white thing whose name just happens to be SKUNK!! And don’t you think I see just a glimmer of a smirk on that kid’s mouth…

The jerk clerk at Mondou tells the Boy that I could stink for weeks and that I must be separated from my pack in the garage. Ya, that’ll work for me. One look at Mother and I was in that bed with her like a bag of chips.

 So my Thanksgiving is ruined. Every one says I could have ruined it for them.. “How ironic, a kitten named skunk and I get sprayed!!” Yep, good one.. So funny I forgot to laugh.

We had 12 people for dinner and Mother was so worried, she kept telling people not to put me on their lap. ..That they would stink for days. Well what about me, huh? No one has picked me up since Friday night, no one has told me how sweet I am. All they kept saying is how I was a different color.

 Helloooo. What did you think would happen with a gallon of peroxide and some baking soda?   BOL.

These kittens got all the ooohs and awes this Thanksgiving.

So cute… blah, blah, blah.

Ok, I am thankful for one thing.

That these kittens are so dumb they hang on to my every woof.

I told them Sammy’s big bed in the kitchen is an enormous litter box. And they believed me!

I must run. I have a kitten that needs a bath and I have the purrfect shampoo for him. BMAO !


Ya ya.. More pics of those sweethearts below…

Aww, they must have been soooo cold on that couch with all those people ….

All they do is eat, poop and sleep ... in Sam's bed ...BMAO !!
Could you just plotz...
Could you just plotz...I know I can ... NOT

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  1. poor mouse! but you really are a very sweet dear dog with very wise perspectives, and so very lucky to be living in a house filled with so much love. soon everyone will be showering you with hugs and kisses once again and giving you the royal treatment you deserve.

  2. I LOVE Mouse and his blogs and am ready to give him hugs and cuddles, stink or no stink ! Thats what Aunties do, hug, cuddle and spoil em rotten. Of course nobody does that better than Mother !!
    Hang in there Mouse, it won’t be long before you are the #1 baby again.

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