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Rocky has found his new family!  Thank you so much to everyone that has shared this post on their facebook wall and tweets!!  Here is the message from Country Meadows Boarding:

First of all thanks to Jennifer in Hudson who brought Rocky into his new forever home  to join Cuddles her black lab.  Second, we would like to thank all of you who helped save a great dog.  It warms our hearts that there are so many people willing to help.  We received (and still are …so forward this ASAP) more than 100 emails and countless phone calls. We even got an offer to help from Utah!  Spread the word that Rocky is safe and keep up the great work.

Hey – Nat Lauzon here.  Some of you may have received this in your inbox.  I did – and needed to know more.  So  here’s the story about Rocky.


Just got off the phone with Franki from Country Meadows Boarding, in Rigaud where Rocky has been for over a month.

His family initially kenneled him, saying – they needed to board him for a week, while they got married.  A week turned into 5.  Excuses were made. Phone calls were not returned.  Time marched on.

And all the while, Rocky waited for his family to come back and get him.  Eventually, the owners decided with their new baby, they didn’t want him anymore.

The boarding facility has been trying to find him a new home.  They wanted to keep him through December – at a discounted rate.  But suddenly, Rocky’s owner has decided he’s had enough.  He plans to pick up the dog this Thursday to have him euthanized.  The easy way out – and a tragic circumstance for a perfect gentleman of a dog.

The hopeful light is…the boarding place believes that if we can find a home for Rocky, the owner will sign papers to let him go.

So – please – can we find Rocky a home?

He is, quote “beyond a dream”.  Calm, quiet – great with kids and cats – as he lived with them.   He is 9 years old – and has slight arthritis, but other than that, he’s in great shape.

Country Meadows would like to emphasize that they don’t want him placed in a shelter facility.  He must go directly to a foster home or better yet, a permanent home.

But we need to work fast.

If you can help – here is the contact info – and please share this message!


Franki & Ian


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  1. Bravo and thank you, Jennifer in Hudson! And to Rocky’s former owner, shame on you for abandoning this beautiful, sweet animal! Getting married and having a baby is no excuse for deserting and wanting to kill your dog!! If you can’t love, take care of and protect a dog for all of his natural life, maybe you shouldn’t have kids, either.

  2. To Rocky’s owner: One day you may be on the receiving end and dumped.

  3. Thanks so much Jennifer for giving Rocky another chance. And shame on his former owners – whoever you are, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. I echo Gayle’s comments………..

  4. Alex (Rocky's Owner)

    You people are a ridiculous joke and you should all get your heads examined. How you can judge somebody based on a situation you know nothing about goes to show how stupid you really are. I gave my dog the best chance at having a home. Spending 1300$ per month isn’t a viable option even at a discounted rate its still 1000$ per month at the kennel. What do you all spend 1000$ per month on??? Either way don’t be so quick to judge anybody. The truth is every call was returned and every bill was paid. The fact that nobody…all adoption services were contacted and exhausted…and all personal contacts were exhausted the deadline was set for Rocky. If my dog was not able to be in my home or a good replacement I was going to put him down and be with him in his final moments. He has brought me tons of joy and happiness and I wanted to do the same for him. Unfortunately life doesn’t always work out as we want it too. I am grateful to Franki and Ian for helping Rocky and myself and will never forget them. You people with your stupid comments should be shot!!! Commenting on whether one should have kids or not…My god!! The fact is that you shouldn’t even have animals…

  5. I understand the frustration of an owner, perhaps someone who is in a true dilemma, but since when does having a baby preclude being a dog parent? I’ve never understood this illogical approach to child-rearing. You have the dog, you have the baby — congrats, now you have a full family. Sounds like someone is overwhelmed by responsibility or a spouse made an ultimatum. Oh, well, at least Rocky may be in a better home now, congrats to all who worked so hard to save him and we can only thank Alex for not putting him down for just being a dog.

  6. Anyone who abandons a dog on the ‘pretext’ that marriage and a new baby are non-compatible with their formerly supposedly beloved pet.. is a Liar.

    If you own a dog , you should love that dog as a member of your family. If you are single and own a dog, and find someone to marry, your marriage proposal should include the words.. “will you marry me…and my dog(s)”? If the answer is No, then choose the dog!!! Dogs are loyal, love unconditionally, will tolerate your BS when humans walk away and would very likely Die for You if necessary.

    I understand having a child can be an added responsibility, I have one.. but perhaps the ‘owner’ should have considered that before having one. If they could not afford both dog & child… ‘wait’ on the child. Or… find a good home for the dog… don’t just throw it away like trash or dirty socks…. no excuses.

  7. When people ditch a dog for a new family and a baby, I think this is just a good example of where society is headed these days: it’s a throw-away, convenience society. People don’t want to put any extra effort into ANYTHING, so they just chuck their pets at a rescue or shelter like they are yesterday’s garbage or fad, instead of integrating the dog into their changed lifestyle.

    For every person who wants to adopt a dog or a cat (or any animal for that matter), I would like to tell them to research their breed, know what the average lifespan is, and consider STRONGLY if this pet will fit into your plans for the next X number of years of this animal’s life. If the answer is no, then for godsake’s don’t adopt it out of selfishness or the need to fulfill your right-now wants.

    We on here CAN give an opinion on what we think about Rocky’s ex-family, because giving a dog up for a baby and a marriage is sadly so bloody common, and completely unnecessary, especially when it is a dog like Rocky that is “beyond a dream” with no issues, and freaking NINE YEARS OLD!! They didn’t need to spend $1000 a month, that doesn’t show compassion or unselfishness at all. They just needed to keep a dog that was already part of a family, and did nothing wrong. I’m glad Rocky finally has found a proper home.

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