Friday , 19 January 2018

First day of blogging!

Well, I’m learning to navigate my way around the blogging world. Thanks to Nat Lauzon who invited me to blog about cat stuff and PetitsPawz. Bear with me while I get the hang of this. 🙂

While our adoption/foster system is in full swing with over 100 cats and kittens in the PetitsPawz system (either recently adopted or in foster care waiting for adoption), we can’t forget about the feral (wild) cats that need our help outside.

CATCH & RELEASE – The shelters have arrived for winter! 🙂

I feel strongly about catch & release of feral cats but I feel equally strong that these cats be protected, especially in our harsh winters. We make sure that all the colonies that we sterilize have food and shelters. We have wonderful shelters that keep the cats toasty in -40 celsius.

Our shelter builder Cathy just made us a spankin new bunch, which I put out last night. This morning Patricia cat and her adult kids were still sleeping at 10am this morning. They came out finally for breakfast.

I woke Patricia up this morning, she was lingering in her shelter.
The shelters are built with the insulation material to build houses and filled with hay. I love watching the cats come out with hay on their heads!
Shelters are filled with hay
The indoor PetitsPawz shelter cats love to feral watch.

Patricia, Dot and Tot having breakfast

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  1. Welcome Susan!! Look forward to reading all about your cat rescue adventures. “Dot and Tot” are the sweetest names. heehe!

  2. Susan, these shelters are so COOL!!! Are they available to the general public? Are they only used in your Catch & Release program?

    • The shelters are available to the public. Many people feed ferals and want to make sure they are warm in the winter. We sell them for just enough to cover the costs of building them. Our shelter engineer, Cathy Mann, works tirelessly every fall to make enough for all the orders. These cat condos come in 3 sizes:

      Small (sleeps 1 to 2 kitties): $35
      Medium (sleeps 3 to 4): $40
      Large: (sleeps 4 to 5) $45

      For non-residential areas, we donate shelters ourselves to the cats who don’t have anyone to take care of them.

  3. I need a winter shelter for a poor old feral cat…HELP

  4. I am in need of a winter shelter for a poor old abandoned cat…..

  5. Morven, call me at 514-769-5511. I will put a shelter aside for you. Susan

  6. Hi Susan…I left a message regarding the feral cat shelter …what is your address and hours of opening..I live on the Siuth Shore…thanks…

  7. can i buy a medium cat shelter for a feral that i feed? i am close to downtown.

  8. Absolutely Kathy, please call me at 514-575-5627, I will then put you in touch with Cathy Mann who makes the shelters. You can pick one up directly from her. In the meantime, I will put your order in for 1 medium shelter. 🙂

  9. I ordered a cat shelter from Cathy and unfortunately my mum took sick and died and I am in Scotland.I am Scottish.The big grey strau fella is being taken care of by a neighbour.I will be in touch with Cathy when I get back to Montreal at the end of January.

  10. where can i buy one already!? (yr captcha is messed up!)

  11. i have a mamma cat (who seems quite ill with respiratory issues) and several younger kitties that i’ve been feeding all summer… one of the kitties is pregnant too and the idea of the impending winter is giving me nightmares… (i’ve named them all) and i’ve been trying to figure out a way to construct a shelter using a tarp and wood… then i found this site. please get back to me.

  12. Hi,

    Susan ordered for me a Cat shelter, any idea when mine will be ready?

    Eric Tremblay

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