Monday , 19 February 2018

Ask A Vet: Licking Paws

Q:  Hi, I am fostering a big dog (breed unknown). She keeps licking both her front paw thumbs. The skin looks a bit infected.  Is there something I could get to just control the infection of the irritation she may have?

A:  There are two things that you could try to clear up your foster dog’s problem.  The first is to apply an antibacterial cream or ointment to the infected areas.  The second is to try and stop her from licking herself by either covering the areas with a sock (which allows some circulation of air) or by having her wear an elizabethan collar.  If there is no noticeable improvement in several days she should be checked out by a vet who will look for things like a nail bed infection that may require oral antibiotics.

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  1. Thank you for you reply. I tried to put slippers on her, even though she walked fine in them she seemed to be liking even more to remove the slipper. So I just glued myself to her and told her “no” every time she did it. It took a lot of time and consistency but she has stopped. Her fingers thumbs are looking better, but will keep an eye on them. If I do not see major improvement soon I will bring her in.
    Thank you again.

    • My dog’s feet are itchy to new wet grass in the spring. They were also got really red and my dog was chewing until the areas between the toes turned into open sores and brown from saliva. Instead of ointment, I used the small bottle antibacterial help heal spray from Pharmaprix/Shopper’s Drugmart sold for pierced ears. It is a spray/liquid, so it goes right in between the toes and hits the creases and stays and does not taste good, so the dog doesn’t lick. In three to four days, the itch and redness and bleeding sores disappears or is reduced to healthy regular pink skin with nice dry healing scabs. The product is called: BIO-Septic:( Benzalkonium Chloride Solution , Antiseptic For Pierced Ears). This works wonders on itchy red bleeding sores inbetween toes and on pads of dogs

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