Friday , 19 January 2018

Be an Eco-Friendly Pooper Scooper!

I used to feel guilty.  I used the biodegradable pooper scooper bags but would  always ask myself..where is all that poop going?  I realized that I had a choice..continue to send all that poop ( and that’s a lot just from my dogs alone) to the landfill or to be more savvy and learn how to build a poop compost.  I knew it would not be an easy task..took a long time for me to set up my worm composter.  But I decided to give it a try…2 weeks ago!

I have to two biggest worries centered around smell and ensuring that my little furry critters could not get into it..yikes! I enlisted the help from one of my green friends at Concordia and realized that it would be possible to easily make a poop composter and not stink out the neighbors!  My friend even pointed out that I had the PERFECT spot!  The far right corner of our yard..away from  my herb garden and away from anything and everything..I wsn’t taking any changes…..after all ….doggie poo actually carries things like e-coli and salmonella as well as a bunch of others that I won’t even attempt to spell.

Some people choose to dig trenches but I was looking for something different.  I felt like Tim the Toolman (something like that:).  I went to Reno-Depot and invested in a metal garbage can. (You can also use plastic). I poked a lot of holes in it..well, Wayne used his drill to make holes in it and he cut the bottom out!  Wayne also dug the hole-deep enough so that only the top of the garbage remained on the surface. I poured some water, soil and rocks in the bottom of the garbage bin. I also added some septic starter. Once that was done, I was ready to add the poop. My friend told me to sprinkle a bit of septic starter and water every once in awhile over the dog poo…I have been keeping that up!  I think Wayne will take a bit longer to get used to the idea!

I am still very paranoid and always checking to make sure the lid is on tightly.  I marked it “Poop Composter” just to make it clear for any visitors. Surprisingly enough, it didn’t take long for the composter to start working its magic.  The waste quickly started to biodegrade and  integrate into the soil below.  It’s pretty deep and the dogs haven’t bothered with it..well.. except to pee on the lid!:)

I am happy to be doing this…just another way for the dogs, Wayne and I to reduce our carbon footprint!

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  1. omg! You are poop-posting! Will wonders never cease! Nice work. 🙂

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