Friday , 19 January 2018

Would you like to live here?

Well they should not have to. As you read this, there is a family of 8 – 10 week old kittens who are calling this home. This is a shelter made with boxes built by someone who abandoned a bunch of kittens, we say ‘a bunch’ because there are so many we do not really know what the count it. They are terrified, cold, miserable, and will probably die before winter if left to call this home.

Many people are probably wondering, we why have we not done anything about them yet?! Why have we not dived in, snatched them all to safety, and then posted a warm fuzzy ‘safe n sound’ post. We would love to, but before we do that there are several factors we have to take into consideration; they have no where to go, as our fosters are already all at their limits (1), we do not have the funds to support another litter of kittens as an average cat costs us 30-100$ more than the adoption donation we ask. Therefore a litter of 6-7 could cost us 600-700$ more than the 200$+ we put into them individually (2). Finally, we need volunteers! We need volunteers to help us catch them (live traps), and transport them to fosters and vert clinics (3). 

If only the irresponsible owner who let his cat breed could realize this, the impact on rescue organizations and the suffering of the animals themselves. If these kittens are left, by spring each kitten can have 3-6 kittens. If there are 6 kittens, then there can be up to 40 cats by early spring. Each of those kitten borns in early spring can breed by the end of summer, which would make the count over 200 cats by the end of next summer. These cats will only continue to reproduce, until a rescue (like us) are contacted to help sterilize them, sterilizing this population by then end of next spring would cost over 2000$. 

I bet the owner did not think of that when he set these kittens up in a lame excuse for shelter. 

So here we are, as we have done for many litters before; we need foster homes who can take 1-2 kittens and socialized them (show them not all humans are scum), right now they are terrified, we need donators to help sponsor these kittens as our funds have been stressed with recent surgeries and taking on a few expensive cases, we need volunteers to help us catch these babies and bring them to fosters.

Together, we can make a difference in these kittens lives. 

Caroline Ross,

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  2. Amazing information. I will create a note about reasons why you should spay and neuter your cats and give you the credit.

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