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Coconut oil for you and your doggies too!

You know when a meeting happens and you just know it was meant to be..well, that’s how I feel about my impromptu meeting at the Health Tree with Joanne Gero, a Health and Nutrition Coach who’s mission is  to “raise awareness  through educating, motivating and inspiring as many people as possible with the right information/education while supplying the best tools needed to improve their overall health and quality of life.” 

Well, we just happened to be in line at the Health Tree.  I saw this lady, standing behind me, with this HUGE container of pure coconut oil.   In my older days, I probably would not have said much but things have changed, and  I decided not to let this opportunity pass.  I am always searching for those natural remedies!  Anyway, I let myself go and simply asked, ” What do you use the coconut oil for?” She ( Joanne) basically pointed out that coconut oil is a staple for her and that most people do not know all the benefits of this “wonder” oil.

I considered myself lucky because she stepped out of line and guided me in the direction of where I could pick some up for myself.  I wil never forget this day because I learned so much about about the benefits of  organic extra virgin coconut oil…not just for myself but for our furry babies!

I was not aware that there has been actual research done…pointing to an abundance of health and healing benefits of raw organic coconut oil. It supposedly attacks viruses, bacteria, and pathogens & builds the body’s immune system. It can be used internally for such health benefits as weight loss and killing of fungi, yeast, bacteria, viruses and infections. It also has the amazing ability to help us humans increase our energy and maintain a balance of energy throughout the day.

I remeber that I bought 3 bottles that day especially after learning that externally it can be a wonderful moisturizer packed with nutrients and is all natural. And what else?  Oh yes, let me not forget that she mentioned that it can reduce stretch marks…maybe that’s what really got me hooked:)

I learned a lot of things that day!  It is a GOOD oil that helps to increases the metabolic rate rather than produce fat.  It also boosts energy, endurance, and enhances performance. It improves digestion and can be used to help decrease wrinkles, age spots and flaky skin.  It can be used to reduce aliments especially constipation, poor circulation, and chronic fatigue.  And the list goes on ….I felt like I was getting a lesson much like my Mother In Law gave me about the benefits of apple cider vinegar!

After taking this all in for myself, I decided to ask about the dogs.  I didn’t know that coconut oil is an ideal supplement to help a dog’s skin, coat and joints.   It can help to alleviate dryness and reduce swelling caused by bites from  a variety of insect bites including fleas and mosquitoes.  I also found out that my oldest dog, Bailey, could benefit a lot from the healing effects of coconut oil since Bailey often gets “hot spots”; spots that cause him tremendous discomfort and cause him to continuously scratch and lick.

Anyway, I love coconut oil..since meeting Joanne, I have used it everyday.  For myself, I use it mainly as a mositurizer but I also use it to replace other kinds of cooking oils or butter. 

For the dogs, everyday, there is a ritual of putting a 1/2 to tsp of coconut oil in their foods. I rub it on my pug’s face to relieve dryness that often exists in the wrinkles of her skin.  I also use it a lot on Bailey.  He not only gets “hot spots” but he has also been diagnosed with food allergies that cause his skin to be dry and itchy on a regular basis.

I do feel running in to Joanne was a true “gift” that day.  Someone who looks great, with 2o years in the health and wellness industry, who could basically count all the benefits within 15 manual required..was enough of enough a sell!  My husband and I are hopefully growing older gracefully and the dogs are benefiting as well.

 Just keep in mind that these benefits come from virgin, untreated, undiluted coconut oil;  commonly found in stores that specialize in natural, organic products.

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