Saturday , 25 November 2017

Catch and Release Initiative

As you may have heard Nat, Virgin Radio and Multimenu are running a radio campaign, that will see 10% of all online sales (key word NAT)  go to PetitsPawz for our emergency catch & release  of 3 colonies:

1) 13 cats in the Motel Raphael
2) 14 cats in Cote de Neiges
3) 14 cats in Lasalle

We are planning on catching, sterilizing and vaccinating all the cats, providing shelters and ensuring they are fed throughout the year. All cats will be tagged so that we know which ones have been done.

We will then be presenting a proposal to several boroughs to gain their participation. These 3 colonies are in an emergency situation, with kittens needing to be removed and placed.

Motel Raphael

When the Motel Raphael (on St. Jacques) was operating, it attracted stray and feral cats, as it was a great food source for them. Now that the motel is being demolished, there are several strays left to fend for themselves. These cats are still being fed by some caring citizens, however kittens are being born and the situation is not good.

Last week, one of the pregnant females was captured and gave birth to 4 kittens that same day. She is currently in a temporary foster family. The mother is semi-feral and may possibly be able to be tamed and put up for adoption. The kittens will be vaccinated and put up for adoption.

Once we have secured more funding, we will be pursuing the others.

Cote des Neiges Colony

The colony in Cote des Neiges has several adults (some of which have already been fixed) and a bunch of kittens, most of which are old enough to be spayed. We are planning to get them sterilized asap, so as to keep this colony under control. We already have a ton of shelters there, with volunteers feeding them everyday.

Colony in Lasalle

The colony is Lasalle live in a kind lady’s backyard. All 14 of them! She feeds them all, but cannot possibly afford to get them all sterilized. She will continue to feed them and if we can get them all sterilized, they will be sheltered, and fed but will no longer populate.

This is just the beginning. PetitsPawz has been doing catch & release since it’s inceptions and has much bigger plans, in this regard, for the future!

I’m so grateful for Nat Lauzon and Multimenu for helping us to raise funds to help these cats in great need!

To learn more about feral cats, see Nat’s blog at

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  1. They have a regular clinic for neutering feral and stray cats.

    Run by veterinarian students:

    Refuge Chats de la faculté de médecine vétérinaire de St-Hyacinthe

    Adresse : 1425 ou 1525 rue des Vétérinaires
    Saint-Hyacinthe, QC, J2S 7C6

    Téléphone : 450-773-8521 p8550

    Courriel :

  2. PS I live there …I can help with some logistics as I travel between Montreal and St Hyacinthe only 45 minutes away south of Jacques Cartier on the 20 east

  3. Thanks Laurie, I’m really all set with the veterinary aspect of the catch & release but appreciate your input. I am aware of the St. Hyacinthe clinic and will take you up on the offer if needed. It is a great resource to tap into. Fortunately, I have the infrastructure in place at this time, which is a big relief. 🙂

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