Wednesday , 17 January 2018

11th hour 11th day 11th month “We shall remember them”

A poppy is worn by all in honor of all the brave men and women that have fought for righteousness and peace. It is an honor by all to wear a poppy as a remembrance and respect for their act of courage and love.

But did you know they did not fight alone? There were dogs to help them through battle, from bomb sniffing dogs, messenger dogs, and the most especial task…companion dogs while soldiers were in trenches. I found out that in England Animal Aid remembers the four legged soldiers with purple poppies. It is a poppy that is worn next to the red poppy to symbolize the remembrance of all animal helpers and victims of war.

According to Pups for Peace :The British were the first to employ the talents of detection canines in WWI when they were trained to find land mines. Since America first used combat canines in World War I, more than 30,000 dogs have done everything for the military from carrying messages and first-aid supplies to the front, to searching for land mines and tunnels, detecting booby traps and trip wires all but invisible to two-footed soldiers, alerting troops to imminent ambushes, protecting camps, and tracking and capturing the enemy.

The most recent wars have brought us heroic acts done by dogs. It is normal to read that soldiers want to bring back stray dogs from Afghanistan. Dogs do not care for nationalities or alliances. A dog just loves and is faithful to their friends.

I present here some stories that have made headlines world wide. I think it would be appropriate to also remember the non spoken victims of our wars. Some lose their family, their home, and are victims of the perils and destruction of their nation. Animals die and are forgotten or even worse…not even accounted existence.

Sergeant Stubby (1916 or 1917 – March 16, 1926)Most decorated war dog of WWI and only dog to be promoted to sergeant through combat.

Veterans Day Salute to Rags, unlikely hero of World War I

Gander: A Canadian War Hero

Archive for the World War Canadian Mascots-Veterans


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