Thursday , 23 November 2017

Montreal SPCA fundraiser this Friday and Saturday

Handmade jewelry, yummy baked goods and delicious herbs and spices!  Sounds like a great thing all on it’s own – but this event will do double duty as a fundraiser for the Montreal SPCA!  Featuring offerings from these local petlovers:

The details are below:

WHEN: Friday November 12th from 5-9pm and Saturday November 13th 10-2pm

WHERE: PBCA Hall, 1510 Herron (corner Thorncrest)  Dorval (right on the service road of the 20 east)

And P.S! If you bring in a material donation such as food, bowls, blankets, toys, leashes, office supplies and anything that would make sense to donate to the SPCA they’ll give you a FREE piece of jewelry!

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