Tuesday , 16 January 2018

Meet Priscilla from the Motel Raphael

Well, we started moving forward with some catch & release at the motel. Priscilla was trapped by two people who feed her. They called me and the plan was to get her to the vet to get sterilized that day. The problem was, they didn’t realize she was full-term pregnant, and she gave birth before we could get her to the vet. She had 4 kittens last October 30th, so they are 2 weeks old. One of the men volunteered to keep her until the kittens were weaned but then changed his mind, finding it too difficult.

So… I took them. Priscilla is feral (wild) but is not agressive and may have had some limited human contact because though she is more feral than semi-feral, she seems to have a trace of potential. We have her in 2 giant dog crates, so she has lots of room to walk around.

She’s not impressed with me but hopefully we can turn that around. She arrived last night and is beautiful and sweet. Her kittens are in good shape. I will keep her until the kittens are weaned and then have her sterilized. If she is still not tameable, we will release her back into her colony, where she will be fed everyday and will have lots of warm shelter. If she is showing potential of becoming tame, we will work with her and get her adopted. Regardless, we will make sure she’s got the best possibly life we can give her.

Part of me feels, we may be able to work with her and possibly get her adoptable but realistically the chances at this point are slim.  She is beautiful and definately has some siamese in her.

Nat, Virgin Radio and Multimenu are running a radio campaign, that will see 10% of all online sales (key word NAT) go to PetitsPawz for our emergency catch & release that will help cats like Priscilla. The food is fabulous, affordable and they deliver to your door. Litter, as well!!!

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  1. Great job you guys! She is so unique-looking! And one of her babies seems to look just like her. Best of luck. 🙂 – N@

  2. You are doing amazing work Sue!

  3. I remember we had puppies delivered in our motel not very long time back it was very interesting priscilla queen of Rapheal

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