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Too Many Dogs – Too Few Homes

This was originally posted on Facebook via A.M.R. an Christina Albany …on Friday Nov 12.

Too many dogs…Too few homes

by A.M.R. Animal Services and Boutique on Friday, November 12, 2010 at 8:59pm
Today, started as a good day, (6) dogs from AMR Animal Services and (1) Rosie dog were transported to another shelter near Ottawa where they had a better chance of finding a home.  Adoptions are still good there not like Montreal.

In Montreal, dogs are just not getting adopted unless they are a small breed.  There are always homes for small breeds – shelter who mainly deal with them are very successful in placing them but…. the rescues/shelters who have large breeds and pups are another story…. There just not enough homes and the population is growing older, people are loosing their jobs, lots of divorces etc…… whatever the reason – dogs are dying because of lack of cages……

Today, on our way back to Montreal, the phone rang to say that 13 dogs arrived at a pound.  Yellow lab, black lab, husky, etc……. good adoptable dogs but – there not a cage available for them so as they arrrived 7 out of 13 were euthanised. Just recently there was a plea about 11 dogs that will by gassed(euthanasia by asfixiation, very painful method) at another pound by monday.

We are aware that we cannot save them all but it is really sad in Qubec that things have not changed in the past 11 yrs.  The only change we have seen is that there is more abandonment of dogs.  They are truly disposable.

Please help by offering your home as a foster, or if your looking for a companion ADOPT! There are rescues, shelters and pounds FULL of dogs and cats! Right having done a quick count for the greater montreal area on there is over 300 yes 300 dogs for adoption! That doesnt include all the pounds that do not post on this site. So please help!

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  1. It’s easy to get discouraged by the dog to shelter ratio and it is important to deal with the root causes:
    1- the fact that the renting laws are in the asshole landlord’s hands (I’m talking bout the “Hi you guys accept dogs?” clic….. hang up)
    2- there are no consequences to animal cruelty
    3- our media may well present us with tear jerkin Animal Police shows but they still do Mike Vick close ups every time the neanderthal gets hold of a ball.
    Our search for homes must begin at the root of our problems….

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