Wednesday , 17 January 2018

Pack up the pooch with care!

The holidays are fast approaching and many people will be choosing to travel with their pets.  We do not like leaving them behind but we always travel doggie free.  We have a wonderful house-sitter who we greatly appreciate.  Packing up the pooches is not really an option for us.  If you do make the choice to travel with your pets, do so with care and advanced planning.

Always think about your pet and if your pet can really endure the  trip.  Flying can be pretty traumatic with varying air pressures and temperatures.  Old, sick or small breeds, like Pugs who tend to have breathing issues anyway, may not fare well. There are so many options out there.  Do not be selfish.  Do your research and you will find many loving individuals who will come to your home, take your pet into their home or even doggie daycares (not kennels) that will offer your dog a lot of attention, care and play during the time you are away.  The money will be worth it for your peace of mind..believe me!

I know we always think that others will not take as good of care of our pets, as we will, but there are many loving pet people (just  look at this blog) who have decided to go into business.  The most important thing is to take the time to find what works best for you and for your pet.  There is nothing worse than the feeling you get when you do leave them behind but do not trust that they are getting the best care!  They are worth the effort!

If you do decide to take them along, make sure that they are equipped with a secure collar with up to date contact tags.  It does not hurt to have a second number to be reached or the number of your vet.  Take necessary papers along just in case an emergency happens.  This is also important if you leave your pet behind..make sure that whoever looks after your pet, is equipped with all of the information necessary…contact information, Vet’s name, number and address along with any updated medical information.  Not a bad idea to register with petfinder!

Bring plenty of food (natural of course) for your trip.  Keep their food routine as consistent as possible and do not use a trip as the time to try something new.  Traveling can make pets nervous and changing foods can easily upset their tummies. Any type of change can easily affect our furry friends so it’s important to keep things as routine as possible.  Also,  keep plenty of fresh water on hand and make frequent pee stops for both you and your will both be much more comfortable!: PetOnly, Canada’s online pet store has a wide variety or travel accessories for your pet.

Speaking of travel accessories….besides the obvious ( bowls, collars, tags, bed), what about a safety harness especially if you are traveling by car?  A harness will keep them safe and sound…and you will not have to worry about the little sneak who would much rather climb onto your lap and cuddle…your pet never worries about distraction.

Make sure the temperature in the car is comfortable for your pet..keep it cool.  Wear a sweater if need be!  Also, even though your dog may enjoy it-avoid letting your dog hang out the window.  It may seem fun but your pet can easily be  injured by a bug or flying debris.   They can get really sick, incur breathing problems, swallow bugs, and damage their tongues, noses and /or eyes (even blindness).

For long trips, you may want to consider stopping along the way at a pet friendly hotel.  Petfriendly has a list of hotels to help you plan your trip so you can stop along the way and get the necessary rest ( in comfort) for both you and your pet.  More and more hotels are expanding their services because pets are family too!  Find what works for you and plan accordingly. There are all types of pet-friendly hotels for diverse budgets and needs.

Think about your options.  Time away is necessary.  We love get-aways and mental health escapes but we never leave without making sure the dogs (our babies) are taken care of! 

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