Monday , 11 December 2017

A New Addition!


I have to say that on Friday, my husband I were part of a remarkable journey to bring a disabled French Bulldog named PUNK all the way back to Montreal for a chance at love and a new home! PUNK, now called PUNKY, was abandonned outside a market in Taiwan and had been at a shelter since April. She has no use of her hind legs. It was amazing to see just how many people got involved, from Taiwan to Montreal, to make this journey happen..Wayne and I being at the end of the journey as her new foster parents.

It’s funny but I thought Bailey wouldn’t like her..well, he doesn’t but he is tolerent…Bailey is at the point that even the regulars are a bit much for him. However, it is funny to see how dogs react when another dog is needy or’s like they recognize that the dog is special and needs TLC. So- far-so good with Punky fitting in. It is all pretty normal except Punky does NOT like Mia the Boston playing with any tennis balls in the house! She verbalizes her displeasure and chases Mia as quickly as she can on her bum!

She actually prefers bigger dogs..trys to snuggle with Bailey but…so far a quick sniff of his butt is all that she is been able to get:)  The older Bailey gets, the less he wants to snuggle..even with me…he wants attention and huggies only when he asks….I take what I can get!  He used to love to cuddle!

I have decided that with tha addition of Punky, I will just make things as normal and consistant as possible especially with Bailey’s routine…The Pug adapted right from the beginning and Mia the Boston will also adapt…but Bailey, well- Bailey will be Bailey and at this point-as long as he has his bed, his cookies, his teddy ( sucks his nose) and a short romp with the tennis ball-for now, it’s fine and the new addition isn’t making much of a dent in his life!

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