Thursday , 23 November 2017

Pet Food Can alert!

Do you remember the FDA report that came out in January, and reported on CBC, about the dangers of Bisphenol A or BPA?  This chemical is most often found in the making of plastic ( #7) but believe it or not, it could also be found in those soup, spaghetti, gravy and veggie cans you buy and consume on a regular basis. In the lining of some of those cans lurks that dangerous chemical; linked to everything from cancer to miscarriage.  The sad thing is that many of us do not even think about the packaging when purchasing!

So if we humans are warned about the dangers- what about our furry friends?  If it’s dangerous to us, you can bet it’s also dangerous for our pets)! Some of the highest quality dog / cat foods come in cans. The FDA reported that there was concern that this chemical could possibly have a detrimental effect on the “brain behavior and prostate glands in fetuses, infants and young children.” In April 2009, there was a ban on the use of BPA in baby bottles and Canada declared that it was a hazard to human health.  Unfortunately, this the same kind of studies have not taken place  in regards to BPA and dog/cat food cans, so how can we ensure of pets are not being affected and injesting this chemical?

My suggestion is to write a letter to the manufacturer and ask what their  cans are made of.  Try to find a manufacturer that produces cans without BPA in the lining.  Look for those that produce 100% aluminum foods.  Not all cans contain BPA but it is hard to figure out without finding out what has been used behind the scenes.  It may also be a good idea to to buy your pet’s food from a small, reputable company with owners committed to only selling products that are beneficial to your pet’s long term health and wellness. I buy my food from Yazoo and Hydrante Rouge-I feel very comfortable with their products and I know that they will go the extra mile to ask the right questions and provide me with answers I am comfortable with.  Trust is key!

A great online resource is (US based). They took an active approach calling a number of pet food companies to directly ask if BPA was used in the manufacturing. They summarized a list and some may look familiar to you and some you may even use. 

 BPA free ( small cans only)

Healthy Pet Net Natural Balance
Del Monte 
Nature’s Logic
Pet Guard Organics
Nature’s Variety
Natura – Innova, Evo, California Naturals
Halo (openly stated all cans have safe levels of BPA)
Wellness/Eagle Pack

No use of BPA lining

Chicken Soup
Blue Buffalo

Unfortunately, the Canadian pet food market is still SELF REGULATED (: which is very unfortunate and will require  more research and work on our part.

We have to care about ourselves and our pets!  BPA is scary and toxic!  We strive to lead a toxic-free life for all members of our family and that means doing our homework and feeling comfortable that everytime we open a can, we can rest assured that only nutrition is coming out of it!

PS: You could also opt to make your own!::))

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