Tuesday , 12 December 2017

The Big GATE debate!




Bailey, going on 10, can no longer see in the dark.  Last night, he cried and whimpered until I got up…tired, frustrated and still half asleep, I ventured to motion him down the stairs without the aid of any additional light.  In the past, it never seemed to be a problem but now I know it is.  There are about  20 stairs and to my horror, he fell down about 15 of them…and not gracefully either!  I ran to his aid but he was still fine enough to look up and just continue making his way to the back door.  I waited and waited, expecting him back quickly to catch up on additional sleep, but he didn’t..not even after I called (several times).

Now wide awake, what seemed like quite awhile, Bailey ventured in-gave me a bit of verbal diarreha and continued to bed.  I knew I was up..up for good…56 minutes before the alarm…the wake up call that a new work day is about to begin.

As I laid awake, I wondered about setting up  a gate so that while we are at work, Bailey is not trotting up and down the stairs.  I have a baby gate which would be safer but would undoubtedly take his freedom away..the freedom he has to get away from all the other little critters when he is need of some R&R!  I feel torn and wondering how to change a habit that he has had for over 5 years now…he has a place, a bed and a spot to call his own….can I take that away because I can not trust him to make it down the stairs safely?

Funny thing…I mention the word “cookie” and he comes down all 20 stairs as graceful as he did when he was a pup..tail waggin and the fastest to get to the goody closet….:)

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