Friday , 19 January 2018

Volunteers Needed!

Want to be part of a great initiative? Is volunteering on your list of New Year’s resolutions? Oh My Dog! Holistic Wellness is looking for people for some great stuff.  Here is a message from Laura – owner/operator/doglover/all around great gal:

Hello Everyone!  Hope you and your pooches are all doing great!  We are still actively caring for pooches and their people along with tutoring at risk kids/kids with learning disabilities in our afterschool program – “*Tou-Tou Tutoring*”.  We are in need of volunteers for next spring including but not limited to:

  • Tutors, teachers, drivers, dog trainers and people to help with
  • Grants/Proposals, Fund-raising and website design.

Also in need of:

  • 4 laptop computers (not new, but in proper working condition),
  • 2 doggie beds
  • art supplies
  • kids books – French & English for ages 6yrs – 12 yrs old.

If you have any clothes, books, household items which we may use to raise funds, those would be greatly appreciated.

As we are funded only by O My Dog! Holistic Care and our generous private donors we *RELY* on volunteers.

We are eternally *GRATEFUL* for all/any donations made to this program.  Please note that we are not yet a registered charity/not-for-profit
(hopefully 2011), so we are unable to give tax receipts; we do give regular cash receipts, however we are not asking for large donations.

As I have been running this on my own, I know there’s alot I haven’t learned nor had the time to fully dedicate my efforts to this program.
Any retired teachers out there?! HELP!!!

This program will help those kids at risk in YOUR neighbourhood and helps to foster self-esteem, confidence, competency in Math, English and French all
which help kids STAY IN SCHOOL and offer them a better chance in succeeding in their future studies and with employment options.
Pet-assisted Therapy/Zoo-therapy is a very fun and noble vocation which is growing by leaps and bounds!

This December we will be hosting various fun events for pooches and their families…we’ll keep you posted.

Thank You all so much for your kindness and loyalty over the years ;-p

O My Dog!
Holistic Wellness

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