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Update on Catch and Release

Catch & Release

PetitsPawz is currently working on catching & releasing 2 colonies of cats.

Motel Raphael

These cats live at the abandoned Motel Raphael and are being fed on a daily basis and have many shelters to keep them warm. These cats are extremely wild so unfortunately we cannot get them adopted. We will vaccinate and sterilize them, and put them back out, ensuring that they have ample food and shelter.


Priscilla was very pregnant and the day she was trapped she gave birth to 4 kittens. I have her with me in 2 large dog crates with her kittens who are now a little over 5 weeks old. In several weeks Priscilla will be sterilized and released and the kittens will be vaccinated and put up for adoption.


Meet the kittens – 5 weeks and 2 days old





See the kitties in action!


Though Priscilla is frightened and feral with no human contact, she is accepting a bit of affection from Patricia 🙂 Far from happy to be enclosed, since ferals prefer to be outside, at least she is a bit accepting of us.


Lasalle Colony

The Lasalle Colony is a tricky colony to control but we are determined to get them all sterilized. The colony started with 3 cats, 1 female and 2 males and has grown to 18 in 11 months. We now have been notified by residents that there are new kittens about 10 days old. Not sure how many, but you can see the potential of this to grow out of control.

In the following illustration, you can see the family tree and how the colony has grown:

These cats are extremely well cared for by the residents in the area. The cats are facing a large grassy area, so are well protected. We have placed shelters filled with hay.

We did have a scare, as there are a few neighbours who look at these cats as a nuisance and called the city animal control. Several of them were trapped by the city and euthanized. 🙁

Once I got wind that this was happening, I worked things out with animal control and the cats will not be touched, as long as we get them all sterilized.

So on we go… cats will be vaccinated, sterilized, given a small ear tag to identify them (this is pain free and helps the city to know that they are fixed)and released.

So far we have caught an adult named Grisou (she already had several litters) and an adolescent named Pachette. Both have been released back and doing well! 🙂

Following is a short video of our efforts. Catch & release is emotionally draining so sometimes we act a bit silly to let off steam!

We placed a bunch of warm shelters under the neighbour’s gallery:
As you may have read, Montreal Dog Blog is having a raffle where you can win $500 Habs tickets ($600 with tax!)for $10? Yup. Great seats/free food section – and your money helps PetitsPawz

Some of the funds will go to get Priscilla’s kittens vaccinated and sterilized, as well as to take care of the newborn kittens in Lasalle! Your support is greatly appreciated!

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  1. Way to go! You have many compassionate people where you live! We do not yet have a program like this.

    The people in that neighbourhood that called animal control don’t understand the vacuum effect if they thought removing cats would solve anything! Do you prefer the Alley Cat Allies handouts, or different ones?

    Have you asked the local Animal Welfare Committee to recommend changing local laws to protect cats in managed feral colonies, given the politicians the facts about catch and return/Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) and asked the city to work with more groups like yours? It would save the city money & there would be fewer complaints.

  2. i have quite a few feral cats that can be caught for sterilization and then released. Please tell me where to bring them. I will catch , thene bring to be sterilized, then release and even give a decent donation. But I don’t know how to start. I have at least 8 cats visiting now…please help me;

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