Friday , 19 January 2018

Ask A Vet: Neutering Post-Op Care?

Q:   My male dog is getting “fixed” today and I was just wondering if I should take time off work to stay home with him.  He is crate trained for the day while I am at work, but I am concerned about him eating at the stitches.  Will one of those cone things be okay for him to wear in the cage?

A:  There’s really no need to take time off work to be with your dog after a castration.  The surgery is very fast and relatively non-invasive so most dogs recover very quickly, often practically back to normal by the next day. However, I usually recommend that a dog be restricted to leash walks for 1 week following surgery to make sure that the incision heals well.  Also some dogs, but not all require an elizabethan collar (the dreaded cone) to stop them from excessively licking and potentially causing problems.  If your dog has to wear the cone and is crated while you are not there then you have to make sure that the crate is large enough for him to stand up and turn around while wearing the cone.  As I said previously, the vast majority of dogs recover very quickly and uneventfully from this surgery.

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