Monday , 11 December 2017

Thank you Santa.

I believe in Christmas and I Believe in Santa too.

And if you ask me why I’ll tell you because of three pounds of concentrated unconditional love I like to call Santiago.

On a good day I feel 16, okay that’s mentally feel 16, but who’s counting!? At Christmas that mental age becomes 8. For the past 12 years I’ve gone to visit Santa Claus on the 7th floor of the Bay and I have to tell you, he’s the Real Deal.  Every year up til 2007 he would ask what I wanted, and I would say “A dog.”  He’s invariably reply, “I’ll see what I can do.” or some such.

On Dec 6th 2008 just as he was starting to ask, he stopped himself and said, “I know; a dog. I’ll do my best.”

On December 19th 2008, Christmas came early for this child at heart, and Santiago de Montréal came home to live with me.

When I went to see Santa last year I took a card and placed this picture inside the card (it was taken the morning after I brought him home)…

…thanking Santa for the bestest most perfect gift ever. I said I understood why it took so long and that was because he was waiting to find the perfect dog, a dog that needed a home… the home I could provide.

When he read the card he asked where the dog was, and I replied he was at home.  He insisted that I bring Santiago to  come have his picture taken.  I said I didn’t know you were allowed to bring pets to see him at the Bay.  He said, “I’m Santa, of course you can.”

That following Saturday, I bundled Santiago up and along with Pinky we took him to the Bay.  It was no problem since he fits in a small satchel.

Of course Santiago was a little timid around Santa… I mean who wouldn’t be. The man is epic!  We took a picture and we talked for a few minutes and I thanked Santa again for my gift, then we went on our way.

Well this year Pinky and I went to visit Santa (as per usual) And as he passed us on the floor he stopped to chat (before heading to his chair). He asked how we were and where was the ‘Little guy’. We explained that Santiago was at home with his Step-Sister. We couldn’t sneak her up as easily so we thought it was only fair not to take Santiago and not Peanut as well.  We showed him a couple pics of the two of them (iPhones are really the Swiss Army Knives of Phone utility) Then we went to take our annual picture and as we left he said to make sure we said Merry Christmas to the Dogs on his behalf. You can be sure we did.

So to anyone that ever questions my belief in Santa Claus I will tell them he exists because I have 3 pounds of furry love.

Today is the beginning of my 3rd year with Santiago, and in a very special way, this is our very own special little Christmas.

To each and everyone, Santiago and I wish you :

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Joyeux Noël et bonne année.

¡Feliz Navidad y Próspero Año Nuevo!

Wuf Wuf Wuf, Arf Arf yap yap yap bark bark!

~ Shawn and Santiago

(This was my Christmas Gift from Santa Claus Dec 19 2008.)

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  1. he is so cute. enter him in the fb contest. just go to the dapper dog and classy cat fb site, like it and post picture of him! So easy you could win plus a shelter is already going to sin. So a win-win deal!

  2. What a beautiful story!
    I feel the same way about my dog (Blue-85 pound lab/boxer mix). He was a gift sent from Heaven, Santa whatever you like. My life is much happier with him.
    Enjoy Christmas with Santiago!

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