Tuesday , 12 December 2017

Your roommate is a real pig

N@ here.

Honestly, what possesses someone to go out and buy a pig?  Like a real, certified oink-oink, Charlotte’s Web Wilbur kinda piggie?

Apparently, there’s been an influx of people buying miniature potbellied piggies from wherever cute little potbellied piggies might be sold.   People who live in apartments, even!  I know.  Can you stand it?  And by the way, “miniature” is a very loose term.  When they reach fightin’ weight, these ‘mini pigs’ can easily weigh over 120 lbs.   That’s like 2 Nicole Richies!   Once the bonehead who bought it realizes it was a bad idea, these pigs get shuffled off to shelters.  And it’s happened more than a few times in Montreal recently!

Pigs are fabulous (no bacon jokes).  They are complex, sensitive and intelligent animals that require a knowledgeable owner and a proper environment (which is not beside you on the couch in your 3 1/2 while you play Wii).  With improper care, they can become destructive, aggressive and more demanding than a J-Lo concert ryder.  They are not for apartment living.

There is a reason why cities have by-laws against owning certain types of animals.  Next time you think a farm animal is an appropriate roomate, CHECK THE BY-LAWS.   If you’re still really set on a pig, consider the ‘guinea’ variety. (Please note my restraint in avoiding a bad, potential boyfriend joke there).

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