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Update on Found: Female Cat


Update:  February 23th 2011

Corinne has just informed me that Noelle had her vaccines, deworming and tests done (FIV, Leukemia etc..all negative)  She is nice and healthy! She will be sterilized soon, now all she need is a home !



Please be advised this is a courtesy listing in order to help my friend Corinne. She has a legitimate love for animals and goes out of her way to help any organization or animal group that needs a hand with a pure heart. She send the following email this morning:
I`m hoping you can help me out.  I found a young grey cat before Christmas in Brossard and she is living in our spare room in the basement.  She is not a stray (fur is too nice and she rubs up on us and jumps on our laps), so we think she may be lost or abandoned.  We put up posters but didn`t receive any calls.

I feel bad because she is stuck in the small room 24/7, she can`t mingle with our other animals because we don`t know her health history (she  looks healthy but we can`t take a chance).  Also, she has claws and she uses them often (to play, when she gets nervous, if you pet her for too long, sometimes when you do her litter etc…) so we can`t take that chance either.

I really don`t want to send her to a shelter because I`m afraid she`ll fight with the others and she will get rhino, which would be unfortunate since she seems healthy and I don`t want to eventually have to put her back outside because my gut feeling is that she is not an outdoor cat, but we can`t keep her forever unfortunately.  I would really really appreciate it if you could blog about her.  I`ve attached pics.  I would love love love for a kind soul to take her in.  She is friendly and affectionate, but she still has some trust issues and uses her claws a bit too much, but in the right environment I think she will do well because we already see improvements since we took her in (she takes treats from our hands, she is no longer wolfing down her food she takes her time etc…).

If someone can take her I will give her litter, some food & toys, her scratch post (although she has not quite figured out what it is) and her bed.  I`m not convinced she`s sterilized so I`m also willing to pay the sterilization if necessary.

Thank you in advance, I really hope this helps because I`m freaking out a little because I want the best for her but don`t know what that is.

Corinne -xxx-

ps: people can contact me on my cell (514)952-3848 or by email:

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