Tuesday , 12 December 2017

Socks needs your help

This is a message on behalf of Reach For The Stars Rescue:

Socks’ Story

Socks was adopted into a young family and the kids were permitted to be somewhat rough with him. When he scratched one of the children, possibly by accident, he was declawed at the same time as he was neutered at 4 months of age.  The adoption contract stipulates that the animal may not be declawed ‘under any circumstance’.  We looked into the situation and felt that it was not an ideal situation for the cat, and not just due to the declawing.  Socks was one of the only animals we ever reclaimed.

He was placed in a lively foster home with his brother and the two were thrilled to be reunited.  Then Socks found a potential adopter who went through the process and adopted him. We got a call several months later – which was 4 days before Christmas – telling us it just wasn’t working out and to come pick him up.

Poor Socks. We were at least lucky enough to finally get him into foster with his beloved brother, Pep, which again made them both very happy.

Now, a couple of weeks later Socks has developed a hematoma, which is when blood fills his ear like a water balloon inside the skin.  Needless to say, it’s very painful and can cause permanent disfiguring if left untreated.  We couldn’t allow him to suffer, so he had emergency surgery, to prevent the problem from ever happening again.

Now, we are left with a vet bill of $425.  A hefty bill for a volunteer-based organization.

At the moment, Socks is at the Lasalle Vet Clinic with Dr. Plasse.  If you can donate anything at all to cover the cost of his bill, here’s how:

Cheques can be dropped off at the vet or mailed to:

RFTSR – Sock’s Ear Surgery/ care of the clinic Lasalle Animal Hospital

7755, rue Bouvier, Lasalle, QC H8N 2G6


RFTSR – Sock’s Ear Surgery/ care of Pitou Minou (Global Pet Foods)

8200 boul Tachereau, Brossard QC, J4X 2S6

Socks thanks you – and so do we!!

For more info, please contact: reachforthestarsrescue@gmail.com

Here’s a video of Socks and his littermates when we were handraising them:


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