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Michael Vick Never did time for all his atrocities!

Ok… I really do not know if it was because many people did not hear about it here in Canada or it was not covered as much as in the United States or just because people didn’t care to learn the facts about what Michael Vick did and what was really his punishment.  I will share the following posting of Christian Durant from his Blog Christian Durant’s World. And why do I do this? Because I am sick and tired of reading things that misinform readers! A letter that ended up on the Montreal Gazette states that Michael Vick served 18 months in a U.S. federal prison after being convicted in August 2007 of conspiracy and running a dogfighting ring. Is that Justice?  Oh Yeah? I am so sorry that people still do not know the truth about what Michael Vick did and the time he did in jail  WAS NEVER FOR THE CRUELTY AND TORTURE HE ALLOWED  DOGS TO ENDURE! I may not be a writer for the Montreal Gazette or a reporter, but at least I am a responsible for what I put up for Montreal Dog Blog and do my homework before I write what is in my mind! So hopefully, who ever shot the pups with the nail gun, does get what he deserves and does not get away with the abuse like Micheal Vick did.

Michael Vick was Wrongly Convicted!

Michael Vick was Wrongly Convicted!

Since this past Monday and more specifically for the majority of the Philadelphia Eagles sensational season, I have heard so many people touting Michael Vick. Oh yeah, “Michael Vick has really turned it around, “ etc.

And now, Barrack Obama, the President of the United States, the de facto leader of the Free World, thought it would be a good idea to chirp in and toss a little praise his way as well by taking the time to make a phone call (while on vacation in Hawaii) to the owner of the Eagles and commend him for giving Vick a 2nd chance.


I think anyone who thinks that Michael Vick has paid his debt and is a reformed individual needs to take a little walk down memory lane and remind themselves just what this so-called man was engaged in and willfully perpetrated.

Here are the facts:

* Michael Vick was a REGISTERED dog breeder.
* April 24, 2007: Michael Vick’s cousin, Davon Boddie, was arrested in Hampton, Va., on drug charges, leading police to obtain a warrant to search his home (owned by Vick) for other drugs and paraphernalia.
* April 25, 2007: While serving the search warrant, police discovered evidence of an alleged dogfighting operation, including rape stands, pry bars, treadmills modified for dog training, and a blood-stained carpet. Animal-control officers also removed 66 dogs from the property, 55 of which were pit bulls.
* Vick and his co-defendants began the dogfighting operation in early 2001.
* Fights staged on the Surry County premises had purses of as much as $20,000 or more at times.
* The formation of Bad Newz Kennels and testing of the dogs began in early 2002. According to the indictment, one of the dogs did not fight well and was shot to death with a .22 caliber pistol.
* In March 2003, after a pit bull from Bad Newz Kennels lost in a fight, it was executed by wetting it with water and electrocuting it.
* In April 2007, approximately eight dogs that did not perform well in testing were killed by “hanging, drowning, and slamming at least one dog’s body to the ground.”

Here is what Virginia law provides in terms of sentencing for animal cruelty related crimes:

In Virginia, a first offense that does not result in the death of an animal is a Class 1 misdemeanor, which carries a sentence of twelve months or less and a fine of up to $2500 or both. A person committing a second offense, or if the animal dies as a result of the first offense, is guilty of a Class 6 felony, punishable by up to five years in prison or, in the alternative, a prison sentence of less than a year or a maximum fine of $2500 or both. In addition, the owner of a dog or cat injured or killed as a result of cruelty is entitled to a damage award for the value of the animal or the damage done.

Just so we’re clear, Michael Vick was sentenced to 23 months and served 18. Hmm. Now, I am no math wizard, but that seems quite short of the potential maximum. Oh, and he did have to pay a $5,000 fine and another $100 in administration fees.

Why, you ask? Because Michael Vick was not convicted according the Virginia Animal Cruelty laws. Instead he was indicted in Federal Court and pled guilty to one (1), I repeat, one count of “Conspiracy to Travel in Interstate Commerce in Aid of Unlawful Activities and to Sponsor a Dog in an Animal Fight Venture. An offense that carries a two to five year sentence. I am going to say this again because it’s important: ‘Vick was sentenced to 23 months and served 18 months’. Again, not quite two years and certainly short of the five year maximum sentence. But again, this is only for one count or offense. So no Mr. President, Michael Vick has NOT paid his debt to society. But, then again, your Secretary of the Treasury is an admitted tax evader. It must be nice to view right and wrong from your perspective.

One count. This is unbelievable. Between 2001 and 2007 Michael Vick sponsored dogs in eleven fights. Additionally, he traveled to four states to purchase eleven dogs. Again, could this not be construed as 22 counts? Even with Vick’s meager sentencing this would have equated to 396 months or 33 YEARS!! And even at an absolute minimum, why was he not charged with four counts of the incredibly weak “Conspiracy…”?

But better yet, if he had been truly tried according to Virginia’s Animal Cruelty Laws he could have been tried for twenty dog fights and nine executions. SIXTY FIVE YEARS! Instead, he was again allowed to plead out (while serving out his Federal sentence) and received a three year suspended sentence for time served on the Federal charges. The prosecutor (Virginia’s Surry County Commonwealth Attorney General – Gerald G. Poindexter) didn’t feel that the costs associated with transporting Vick to Virginia from Leavenworth penitentiary in Kansas was worth it. There was also another $2,500 fine.

Some more of Chris’ great math – If Surry County had actually tried Vick they could have charged him with those 29 offenses and reaped $72,500 in fines. Another area I am not an expert in, is travel logistics, but I cannot imagine it would come any where near $72,500 to transport Vick the 1,160 miles (I Google Mapped it) – I mean, that’s $62.50 a mile!? They could have fueled an Abrams M1 armored tank (probably one of the world’s worst gas efficient vehicles) for the entire trip for a mere $3,420.

Another side note: Five of the surviving dogs rescued from Vick’s compound had to be put down. He was not held accountable for those either.

Many of you may think I am taking the far extreme position, and I am. Let me point out a few things that should sicken even the hardest of you that may be reading this. First, as if dog fighting isn’t vicious enough, the animals that did not meet Vick and Co. standards or lost their fights were executed. Now I do not mean that they were euthanized by a simple and clean (or slightly humane) method. No, these dogs were sadistically tortured and killed (at times by Vick’s own hands) using methods that required even a slight degree of premeditation and a strong degree of sociopathology – malice and forethought: HANGING, DROWNING, ELECTROCUTING, BLUDGEONED WITH A SHOVEL, SLAMMING THEM TO THE GROUND, et al. That kind of emotional detachment is truly frightening. If Vick and the others associated with Bad NewZ Kennels had done to humans what they did to these dogs, they would be mentioned in the same breath with Dahmer, Gacey, Manson, BTK and other notorious serial killers.

Vick is reported as having experienced an adrenaline rush and euphoric like high from his participation in this savagery.

Here’s a little tidbit for you:

“The FBI considers animal cruelty a predictor for violence and continued violent behavior… and is a considered factor when profiling serial killers.”

Nice, huh?

And if you can still overlook the glaring brutality committed by and on behalf of this man, then you seriously need to get your football shaped head out of your ass and consider the situation without Vick. Vick is just a man, he is not a football god, and he is not the savior of the Philadelphia Eagles, the NFL or the sport as a whole. There are hundreds of quarterbacks between the current NFL rosters and those in the many colleges and universities around our country. Most may not have the talent level of Vick, but fortunately (to the best of our knowledge) they don’t have the violent pathology either.

As ridiculous as this is, even the Humane Society of the United States is jumping on the Vick bandwagon and is considering sponsoring Michael Vick to adopt a puppy. Vick is reported as saying it would:

“…be a big step in the rehabilitation process. I think just to have a pet in my household and to show people that I genuinely care, and my love and my passion for animals; I think it would be outstanding. If I ever have the opportunity again I will never take it for granted,” Vick told NBC, “I miss having a dog right now. I wish I could.”

There should be a massive public outcry calling for the immediate and unconditional resignation or simple termination of HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle. This is an outrage. I seriously hope that anyone who previously gave or is thinking about giving to the HSUS will better spend their money supporting the law enforcing ASPCA.

“Junkies want drugs and pedophiles want children.” It doesn’t mean we give them to them. Vick is no different. Vick’s sentencing prohibited him from owning a dog until 2012. This man should never be allowed to own a dog. Let him explain to his girls what daddy did and why they cannot have that cute little puppy and live with the full weight of his actions.

For whatever reason [read: greed] Vick has been afforded a great opportunity for a second chance at his life. But he were just a regular Joe convicted of these or even far lesser offenses the President would not be so quick to applaud his second chance.
It is truly a shame that our current legal system does not provide stricter punishment for offenses like this. We tend to “rehabilitate” through lenient sentencing, counseling and half-hearted community service.

Here is a final parting image for you: (From The Lost Dogs by Jim Gorant, senior editor of Sports Illustrated)

“As that dog lay on the ground, fighting for air, Quanis Phillips grabbed its front legs and Michael Vick grabbed its back legs. They swung the dog over their head like a jump rope then slammed it to the ground. The first impact didn’t kill it. So, Phillips and Vick slammed it again. The two men kept at it, alternating back and forth, pounding the creature against the ground until, at last, the little red dog was dead.”

Michael Vick, you and your fans (including the POTUS, Surry County Commonwealth Attorney General – Gerald Poindexter, Eagles Owner – Jeffrey Lurie, and HSUS CEO – Wayne Pacelle) make me sick.

Most Sincerely,

Chris Durant

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  1. I just thank god that i dont live near that swine…. cos my breaks might have failed when i saw him crossong the road….

  2. Very well written, and very informative! Thank you!

  3. i think alot of you are just stupid. Vick did his time nomatter how long it was. leave the man alone why can’t you just be glad that the man relaized what he did was wrong and made a turn around. if it was you that the shoe was on you would want to be forgive for your actions.Jesus Christ forgives people everyday so you should also stop trying to find something else bad to tal about and just let it go congradulate not hate he does not do the same thing anymore so stop kicking a dead horse its gone..

    • He didnt “realise what he did was wrong”, he got CAUGHT, theres a very big difference!!!! He’s just saying and doing all the things he thinks people want to see and hear. You’re an absolute fool for believing any of it. He has no compassion for animals whatsoever and should NOT be allowed to own animals ever again. His family should be so ashamed of him.

  4. I Dont Care How Long He Served Or How Much Hes Learned From His Mistakes A Man Like This Should Never Be Left Alone. Were All The Dogs He Put Into Fights Just Left Alone?? NO They Were Ripped Apart By Another Dog. The Dogs Where Left In So Much Pain Never To Recover…Maybe If We Set A Dog On Him And Let The Dog Get The Better Of Him Then Maybe We Could Forgive A Little…Well Maybe Just A Tiny Bit…NOT!!!! Horrible Man “MICHAEL VICK” Sick In The Head!!! Never Will This Be Forgotten And Nike And NFL Can All Go To Hell How Can They Work With Such A Monster!!!

  5. Well, I’m not Jesus. – and the minute you forgive mike vick, is the minute the dogs don’t matter.

  6. Demetrius, regardless of whether people feel he did or did not do his time, this kind of violence requires an extremely violent pathology that does not simply dissipate with jail time. He is mentally ill, just like other violent sociopaths. The only reason he stopped doing this is because he got caught.

  7. I just read “The Lost Dogs” about the Vick dogs. It was truly an inspiring story to know that dogs have that kind of love for man in them no matter how they have been treated. Vick did not abuse some creature that hates man, he abuse one of the most loving creatures to mankind there is. These dogs just wanted to love and be loved and the fact that most of them were able to go on and love people again shows that. Dogs are the best, the very best creature that God has given to man. I will never be without a dog and I do not believe Vick deserves to have a wonderful creature like that around him. He is mentally ill and I believe if he had not gotten caught he would still be fighting dogs and being cruel to them. And now for him to be back playing football and making big money again is just horrible. I will never watch a game he plays in. Actually I won’t watch any NFL football at all. Dogs are the best! Frankly I think they are better than most people.

  8. Thank you for the information. I knew he was apiece of shit, but ne ver knew all of that.

  9. When Michael Vick was interviewed about this he claimed that he didn’t really know it was wrong because that’s the environment that he grew up in. He went to dog fights all the time so thought it was normal. The things they did to those dogs were absolutely barbaric. If there was tape on any of it Vick would not be invited into a 7-eleven much less back into the NFL. Most of the dogs in the kennels would not even want to leave their cages when doors were opened because they heard all the horrors that went on outside their cages and they were scared to death. I do not for one minute believe he is re habilitated. He is jumping thru every hoop he has to, to get his high paying job back. As far as I’m concerned, the man should have been locked up and never let out.

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