Tuesday , 12 December 2017

Pampered Pets: Aggressive???

For any new dog groomer trying to make it on their own they have to start from the bottom. When a client finds the right person to groom their dog they usually stick with them.
So for a new groomer starting out on their own we will take on the dogs that have been banished, exiled from other grooming salons. This is how I got my start 7 years ago.

When a client tells us that their dog is or has been “aggressive” towards previous groomers and that we are their dogs last resort you can’t help but wonder “Whats Wrong with this Dog???”.
And its usually this adorable little ball of fluff with a major attitude problem.  It is very rare for me to get any “aggressive” dogs over 30 pounds. Larger dogs do tend to be more easy going and less fearful.  I am so proud to say I groom some of the most gentle giants you will ever meet!  But for the few “aggressive” dogs I do encounter I have to take caution but still wonder is this dog really aggressive?

Unless the dog tries to bite without warning I give it the benefit of the doubt.  I believe they are all innocent until proven guilty.  After all like most “so called” aggressive cases I take on are just simply dogs that have had bad experiences in the past from inexperienced people.  Aggression is most often mistaken for fear.  Fear of the unknown, of new surroundings, new people, new sounds etc…..

Most groomers are afraid of getting bitten and are often too quick to put a muzzle on a dog.  In my experience over the years when you slap a muzzle on a dog you are only making matters worse.  By doing this you are not helping the animal you are stressing it and the dog quickly learns that you are not to be trusted.  Instead I try to build confidence in the dog, gain their trust and work with the animal to over come the fear of the unknown.  I’ve taken many “aggressive” dogs in my grooming career and today they are some of my best dogs to groom.  When you take the time to work with a fearful animal there is nothing more rewarding than to see that you made a difference in an animal that others have given up on.

For those of you who may have a so called “aggressive” dog, talk to your groomer, ask them how your dog is during grooming.  A good groomer is always happy to take the time to talk to their client about their dog.

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Your Trustworthy Groomer,
Anna Maria

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