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PENDING: SPCA Valleyfield closing?

UPDATE Jan 20th: Hey all – we’ve been informed this situation may not necessarily be true. As a volunteer-based website, we do our best to bring you what we can, but can’t always verify information – even though we would hope our network of animal friends would convey legit info.   We’ll let you know the case ASAP. Thanks – N@

Please share this! This came to my inbox this morning:

The SPCA in Valleyfield just got word today that they need to close due to underfunding. This is a very critical situation. The city of Valleyfield has pulled thier funding and without another sponsor, the SPCA Valleyfield cannot continue to operate.

They currently have over 200 cats that are available for adoption or will be euthanized within a couple of months. In the meantime they need donations in order to keep these cats fed and the facility clean.

If you would like to donate please see the list below. You can drop off have it picked up.   Please contact: Jennrick@videotron.ca

If you have thought about adopting, now is the time!

Here are the directions
It is at 2555 boulevard Monseigneur-Langlois, Salaberry-de-Valleyfield. Phone# 450-377 2428
Basically take exit 14 off the 20. Go over the Valleyfield bridge and stay on the main road (Monseigneur Langlois). You drive for about 8 minutes (until you are back in the 70 km zone) and you pass the big Goodyear building on your right. The shelter is just after the rail road tracks. You pull a u-turn and pass by a Rona before you get to their building. See the website (under construction) www.spcavalleyfield.com for a picture of the building.


-Cat food
-Bleach (not Parisienne)
-Black garbage bags (heavy duty)
-Dish detergent
-Laundry soap
-Mop/ Broom
-Multi-purpose cleaner
-Litter (wood pellets / Rona 5 $)
-Gloves (latex / medical)
-Cat treats
-Toy cat
-Cage or carrier
-Scratching posts
-Cat beds

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  1. If they expect to close the place and kill the cats why are they asking for material like scratching posts, etc.

    The last time I visited they had more than they could use.ew53

  2. Heya – we checked into this at the CBC, and it is not true.
    According to Valleyfield City Hall, the city has been responsible for setting up this SPCA over the last year, and is still funding it and has no plans to shut it down, nor to euthanize 200 animals. They are investigating the source of the e-mail that had been sent out about this. cheers

  3. Voici la reponse de Anima-Quebec a mon message vers eux
    Info ANIMA-Québec

    Bonjour Carmen,

    Tout d’abord, savez-vous d’où viennent ces rumeurs concernant le courriel en anglais?
    Il est vrai que la SPCA de Valleyfield va fermer parce qu’elle n’a pas rempli le cahier des charges relatif au mandat qui lui a été confié par la municipalité, et c’est ce qui arrive toujours dans ce genre de situation, de même pour un employé, si vous n’êtes pas capable de faire votre travail tel qu’on vous la demander, je ne donne pas cher de votre peau.
    En ce qui concerne les animaux, je sais que beaucoup de gens s’activent (ANIMA-Québec et les autres SPA-SPCA du Québec) pour placer un maximum d’animaux avant la fermeture de la SPCA de Valleyfield, et il faut savoir que beaucoup ont déjà trouver une place! Quant à la rumeur d’une bombe de gaz, elle me semble complètement loufoque: pourquoi procéder ainsi (les répercussions, en terme d’image publique, seraient catastrophiques pour le ou les responsables, qu’il s’agisse de la municipalité, de la SPCA, etc), de plus, les risques sanitaires attachés à ce genre de pratique sont aussi beaucoup trop importants (polluants, rejets dans l’atmosphère, aération des locaux, risque qu’il reste encore un peu de gaz dans les locaux après la procédure, etc).

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