Monday , 11 December 2017

Angel the abused cat – just where are the laws? Here we go again.

I am sick and tired of crazy, abusive people getting away with animal abuse, neglect & abandonment. Our newest situation has been a beautiful little tortoiseshell cat that we have named Angel.

Angel had a home, if you could call it that. The woman who owned her had her children removed due to cruelty. Her anger also was projected onto Angel and she promptly threw her over her 3rd floor balcony last March (nearly 1 year ago) . Angel suffered injuries that resulted in her unable to use her back legs properly.  After throwing her off the balcony, the owner decided she wanted Angel back and went and got her. After a while, she again wanted to dispose of her and brought her out into the woods behind the parking lot of her apartment building.

Angel has been living out there with a major injury since then. In early December, someone living in the neighborhood building  (Lisa) spotted her and started to feed her. Angel acted very feral (wild) because she was petrified but she would eat when food was put out. Lisa devotedly fed her and asked for our help in trapping her.

We tried to trap her for a month and she would not go into the trap. We had to have a special trap, which was only available in the U.S. We had the design plans and someone volunteered to build it. And build she did! Valerie did a great job! We caught Angel last night. She seemed relieved and was passive. Today I brought her to the vet.


Physically, she is not scarred too much but emotionally, she is very delicate. If it was not for the kindness of Lisa, Angel would have a horrible life out there.

Here she is today. A cuddlebug!

It took a team of people but we got her to safety!

This cruel woman will be confronted but really there are no laws enforceable to protect animals. It is truly discouraging to believe that government and society allow this to go on  and scary to think of how cruel people can be to vulnerable animals and humans.

Angel has tested negative for fiv and fel (2 deadly viruses) but has serious neurological problems, which has resulted in her not being able to use her back legs much. My vet has told me that the brain will compensate, once she is in a loving environment, and she should improve about 50%. She is not suffering physically from this condition, so she will be okay.

Emotionally, she is very fragile.

Donations are very appreciated, as we need to cover the costs of Angel’s vet bills. Tax receipts will be issued and donations can be made  by clicking here:

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  1. is it a municipal or provincial responsibility to pass animal protection laws? i wouldn’t know where to start. surely there’s an elected politician out there that can come up with a private member’s bill to change this sickening situation? it makes me ashamed to be a quebecer and canadian.

  2. There are rules in the criminal code about animal abuse
    445.1 (1) Commet une infraction quiconque, selon le cas :
    a) volontairement cause ou, s’il en est le propriétaire, volontairement permet que soit causée à un animal ou un oiseau une douleur, souffrance ou blessure, sans nécessité;
    b) de quelque façon encourage le combat ou le harcèlement d’animaux ou d’oiseaux ou y aide ou assiste;
    c) volontairement, sans excuse raisonnable, administre une drogue ou substance empoisonnée ou nocive à un animal ou oiseau domestique ou à un animal ou oiseau sauvage en captivité ou, étant le propriétaire d’un tel animal ou oiseau, volontairement permet qu’une drogue ou substance empoisonnée ou nocive lui soit administrée;
    d) organise, prépare, dirige, facilite quelque réunion, concours, exposition, divertissement, exercice, démonstration ou événement au cours duquel des oiseaux captifs sont mis en liberté avec la main ou par une trappe, un dispositif ou autre moyen pour essuyer un coup de feu au moment de leur libération, ou y prend part ou reçoit de l’argent à cet égard;
    e) étant le propriétaire ou l’occupant, ou la personne ayant la charge d’un local, permet que ce local soit utilisé en totalité ou en partie pour une fin mentionnée à l’alinéa d).


    (2) Quiconque commet l’infraction visée au paragraphe (1) est coupable :
    a) soit d’un acte criminel et passible d’un emprisonnement maximal de cinq ans;
    b) soit d’une infraction punissable sur déclaration de culpabilité par procédure sommaire et passible d’une amende maximale de dix mille dollars et d’un emprisonnement maximal de dix-huit mois, ou de l’une de ces peines.
    L’omission d’accorder des soins raisonnables constitue une preuve

    (3) Aux fins des poursuites engagées en vertu de l’alinéa (1)a), la preuve qu’une personne a omis d’accorder à un animal ou à un oiseau des soins ou une surveillance raisonnables, lui causant ainsi de la douleur, des souffrances ou des blessures, fait preuve, en l’absence de toute preuve contraire, que cette douleur, ces souffrances ou blessures ont été volontairement causés ou permis, selon le cas.
    La présence lors du harcèlement d’un animal constitue une preuve

    (4) Aux fins des poursuites engagées en vertu de l’alinéa (1)b), la preuve qu’un prévenu était présent lors du combat ou du harcèlement d’animaux ou d’oiseaux fait preuve, en l’absence de toute preuve contraire, qu’il a encouragé ce combat ou ce harcèlement ou y a aidé ou assisté.
    2008, ch. 12, art. 1.

    You might be able to do something about it

  3. There are laws but unfortunately they are virtually unenforceable. 🙁

  4. Makes me so mad to hear stuff like this! and at the same time tears to my eyes. Dont have much but i made a small donation. All the best to Angel

  5. You are absolutely right that the animal protection laws here in Canada are a disgrace; many still don’t understand the connection between animal abuse and other crimes like domestic violence, child abuse, rape, and drug & firearm possession.

    “The Animal Cruelty-Syndrome” is an excellent article that explains why enlightened law enforcement and crime investigators are starting to take it seriously. Animal cruelty should NOT be left solely up to the SPCA and humane societies to investigate.

  6. I belong to a Brazilian (Sao Paulo) NGO focused on animal protection and I can tell you deserve the best praises for your attitude.
    Keep going this way and certainly this example will spread around and people will start feeling nice in taking part of it.

    COngratulations again and I hope you don`t mind if I recommend your blog for my contacts.

    See ya!

  7. Euhhh êtes vous sûr de ce que vous écrivez ?

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