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Rescue Round-Up News January 28, 2011

Here are some recent rescue items from around the globe:

Multi-purpose shelter set for Surrey BC SPCA – BC

Cat lover reminds us of the value of our pets

Pet Expo raising money for unwanted cats Edmonton

Cat Canned and Saved! (video)  stuck in a Chef Boyardee can – Ontario

City rescues 30 cats from elderly woman’s apartment

More people are adopting pets in BC

Edmonton woman rescues 198 abused, abandoned horses

Over a dozen attend Hub hearing on Dog Act Yellowknife

A refuge for unwanted animals Israel

Rep. Garofalo’s bill provides sales tax exemption for pets sold by rescue shelters

L.A. Shelter Dogs Transported to Vancouver: Rescue or Ruse?

Nottinghamshire animal rescue centre has warned people not to be taken in by the latest craze in pets: Micro pigs – UK

Migration may help animals fend off infectious diseases

Mascot in Iraq coming to Omaha Nebaraska  & its not a pup! IT’S A DONKEY!

Almost 200 Dogs Rescued from Northwest Harris County Home Houston Texas

Ferret lovers keep pushing 2 legalize them as pets – California

Success! NY Puts Limits on Dog Chaining

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