Monday , 11 December 2017

Sweet Dog Needs New Home!

The following is a courtesy listing.  Can you imagine, this affectionate young dog has never been INSIDE a home in all of his 5 years?  Read on:

His name is Kenji. He is a 5 year old male husky german shepherd mix, castrated and vaccinated. He is very sweet and affectionate to humans and other dogs. With cats we don’t know. He is healthy.  He is a good dog who only asks to be loved.  His “master” leaves him outside in any weather 24/7,without so much as a doghouse or a heated shelter, even in winter.

This dog has never lived in a home in all his 5 years! In his immense generosity his owner let Kenji sleep in the basement 4 or 5 times when it was really cold outside. Kenji never soiled the basement so we know he  is housebroken.  Kenji will need a loving master who knows dogs and has at least a backyard because it is sure that, at least in the beginning, Kenji
will want to be outside a lot as it is all he knows.

If you are interested  please contact Valerie at 514-880-7787.

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  1. So this guy is willing to give up his dog?

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