Thursday , 23 November 2017

Hunter, the miracle puppy.

My last blog post was at the beginning of November, if you were wondering if i had dropped off the face of the earth. Fear not, i am still alive, but here is a summary of why i have been out of touch;


When i took my foster home on Monday November 22nd, he was 4 days old and 450g. We all knew it would be a miracle if he even survived, he was already on his way out as he had hardly eaten since he was born because of his deformity he could just not get around the same the rest of the litter could. Born to a mother, rescue as a pregnant stray only a week and a half before giving birth. I was determined to fight for this baby, as long as he would keep fighting for himself.

So it started; bottle feeding every 2-3 hours, all day and night, changing his bandage 2 or more times a day, hydrotherapy twice a day, and antibiotics. My days felt like nights, and nights like days, at work i was so tired i could not work and at home i was too tiered to sleep.

Week two was an exciting week as his eyes opened, and he started trying to crawl, he was eating on his own without me force-feeding him. Crawling was hard for him, and he cried (screamed) a lot, frustrated by not understanding what was holding him back (he was missing a leg).

Before i knew it, we were on week 3 and his teeth were coming through. Neither of us, or my neighbours slept that week. Week 4 came and went, week 5 was Christmas. It felt like a was watching a miracle seeing him so alive on Christmas morning. I cant tell you how many times i was told he would die, how many times i thought that myself. Watching him chew at the presents and play with the other dogs, was the best Christmas present i could have ever imagined.

Then he was weaned, and my round the clock bottle feeding subsided but now it was house training. Late nights and early mornings taking him outside, every 2-3 hours to prevent accidents, especially with his bladder infection. This all lead up to week 8, the one week i dreaded.

Week 8 he had his amputation, to remove what was left of his leg, infected and necrotic. I had nightmares about what his reaction to the anestesia would be, as if i was already not sleeping enough. But it had to be done, he would die of the infection if left any longer. He went into surgery with Dr. Seto, and had an absolutely stable surgery and wonderful recovery. Defeating odds, yet again. Week 9 he came down with gastro and had to be hospitalized, but the next day he was back to himself.

Week 9 was great, he was housetrained, and we worked on basic training which he picked up like a champion. This was the first week for the first time in history, i saw my two dogs accept another dog as their family when they lay their heads on his stomach to sleep.

Week 10, he got adopted at 19 pounds, 8, 618 grams. Yesterday he went to his new home, his new life. I did not love this dog, i was in love with him as if he were my own child. I know for the rest of my life, a day will not go by that i do not think of him, and wish he was with me. But i also know, i could not give him the incredible life he has now, and forever.

There will be more, there will always be more rescues, but i dream of the day pet owners will become responsible and no more puppies (or any animal) like him will need our help.

Caroline Ross, A.H.T/T.S.A

Founder, Eleven Eleven Animal Rescue

Adopt a Pet, Save a Life

Through adoption, sterilization, identification, and education, we hope to one day live in a community where homeless animals do not exist.


Hunters care took a huge emotional toll, but also financial. Any contributions towards his care is greatly appreciated;

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  1. That was a beautiful amazing story of love and devotion from you, your dogs and this little guy! You are an angel and I can’t wait to hear more great news as you follow his life.

  2. what a beautiful story Caroline, you are an angel on earth, wish there were many more people like you. You are an inspiration to all animal lovers. I’m sure this little guy will never forget you either. What a beautiful and heartwarming story ! xo

  3. You are an amazing person and this is such a touching story! Brought tears to my eyes!

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