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Pampered Pets: Paris Bijou’s Story

We all know the importance of grooming our pets but can it save lives?  This is Paris Bijou’s story as told by her loving owner Mrs. Yajaira Benthin:

Paris was born in Quebec on November 01, 2008. She is the little sister of Prince Abijah born in September 06, 2006 in Quebec.

Since they were 8 months old, they are going to their grooming at Pampered Pets of Westmount – Owner Anna Maria Ranieri.  Anna Maria.  She is without a doubt very patient, courteous, generous and a great business owner!  Her greatest assets are the powers of will, determination and her love for dogs and animals in general. The reason I say this is because without her, Paris Bijou wouldn’t be among us.
On December 03, 2010 Paris Bijou and Prince Abijah had their grooming appointment of the month as usual. When I picked them up, Anna Maria took me aside and with a concerned voice explained to me that when Paris was having her grooming session , she palmed a considerably big mass located between the stomach and left leg noticing that the color of the skin was almost purple/black as well.
She kindly prompt me immediately to go to the Veterinary Hospital of Montreal (where Paris and Prince both have their medical dossier) and see a Doctor right away. Gladly, Dre. Catherine Pelletier saw Paris and clearly found a big mass in the location described above. On December 09, 2010 Paris Bijou was submitted for a surgical operation where and after the results from pathology this mass was due to be removed immediately and successfully.
Following this surgical procedure done by Veterinarian’s Dre. Catherine Pelletier and Dre. Lucie Hénault, specific instructions were given to me and shown by the nursing team on how should I care for Paris during her convalescence. 20 days later, stitches were successfully removed.
Today, Paris Bijou is doing well enjoying life, family and friends.

A heartfelt thanks to this first and critical step from Anna Maria Ranieri, business owner of Pampered Pets Of Westmount following the positivism and professionalism of Dre. Catherine Pelletier and Dre. Lucie Hénault and their nursing team from Veterinary Hospital of Montreal.

Prince and Paris are two wonderful toy poodles because their owner keeps them on a regular grooming schedule this is how I am able to know them inside and out.
And in Paris’s case I was able to detect a mass that I have never noticed on her before and it was caught in time before it became life threatening.  A good groomer should always point out a change in their clients dog even if its small because you never know and don’t want to take chances.
And if you don’t go often to your groomer’s make sure you always look your dog over because the smallest lump may lead to to future heartache.


Your Friendly Groomer,
Anna Maria Ranieri

Paris Bijou
Prince Abijah

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