Wednesday , 17 January 2018

PEE PEE Pad Guilt!

I really try to be a greenie…in fact, I love being has improved my life as well as the life of the environment.  I know..all about progress!  But I will admit, I have one really big guilt..I have been using Pee Pee Pads for our wee furry babies over the last 5 years.

I always felt I could somehow justify it because after-all-I am not a stay-at- home puppy Mommy nor do I work part-time. Both Wayne and I work full-time.. hence the pee pads have always seemed like a wonderful alternative that our pups easily got used to.  Afterall, I could not, and would not,  expect them to “hold it” until we returned home.

I did try newspaper but the problem with newspaper is that it is not durable..I remember one time coming home to a house-full of Gazette newspaper-chewed up,torn up and strewed everywhere!  I quickly went back to the pads and never looked back.

However, my conscious has once again kicked the point I can no longer justify the use of the pads. The pads (I am using) are environmentally-unfriendly. I do buy in bulk but usually look for the best buys. Just like disposable diapers, it takes a long time for the pads to degrade. I imagine all those pads piling up in the land-fills and it is definitely not the “green” way to raise our dogs and it really makes me feel guilty!
So, I have been researching…there must be puppy pee pads that are out there..that will be durable, odor free and 100% biodegradable!  Hard to find in Canada, but definitely available, I managed to come acoss a couple of brands that offer “green” pee pads…Hartz and Simple Solutions.  EcoHound sells organic cotton training pads that can be washed. The only problem is that for now.. the best bet at getting some of these eco-friendly alternatives will be online. But I will keep you posted..and if you hear of any..please share! My desire is also to find pads that are made locally (as close as possible) and that sewing is not done in Honduras (which is the case for some).
I really like the idea of using ones like those made by Simple Solutions: pads – including packaging – are 100% biodegradable, compostable and free of petroleum based materials.
As a responsible doggie parent and eco-conscious citizen, I continuously try to reduce our, and our dogs’, “carbon foot/pawprint”.  The search begins…….!!!!:)

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