Saturday , 25 November 2017

For those that say their pets like to wait for them…

Just by the look on their face it shows they really don’t enjoy waiting. If you take your pup for a walk it means for a WALK. Don’t take your pup to do errands…it is just cruel.Other places have evolved and actually make it illegal to leave an animal unsupervised. Read about it here

If you see any pups forced to wait while their owners shop or eat please send their picture!

Picture Taken by Irene at  RénoDépôt Rosemère. At least the pup was wearing the seat belt

Picture Taken by Natasha H. at the corner of Sherbrook and Grey. Parked just like a bike…


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  1. I understand what you guys are getting at. I personally never tie my dog up outside. However I would love to see more stores allow animals. I do love taking my dog shopping with me ( and he ain`t no purse pouche) So I`ll go to my favorite pet food and accesory stores with him. If I`m in the west island I`ll take him with me to the pointe claire plaza ( dog friendly!) Or in westmount I never forget to go to Ben et Tournesol! They are always so welcoming when I go by with my dog.

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