Saturday , 25 November 2017

El nuevo amigo de Santiago

Seeing that Santiago is, as you will recall from the post:  Just Ducky, an avid ‘toyer’; he likes to play (and play and play and play) he was given the opportunity to be a Dog Toy Tester by the Amigo Toys. 

A week ago we received in the mail two toys:

Toy A: a Blue latex/rubber squeaky dog

Toy B: a soft, flat (unstuffed) squeaky toy (not entirely sure what it’s mean to be… a bear, a ground hog, a hamster?!)

Now I should point out that aside form rawhide type chew toys, Santi is most familiar with small plushie type toys, but I’ve tried other types, like vinyl or latex type toys, balls etc. but you never know what will tweak this little guy’s fancy…

And so the testing began.  Santi, size aside is what I like to call a Fetcher. He does not tire of a good game of fetch and so for the purposes of the tests it was in a straight forward fetch technique that was used.

We started with Toy A:


After 3 consecutive Fetch-attempts with Toy A it was deemed as Not Santi-Approved.

Then we continued with Toy B:


After 3 consecutive Fetch-attempts with Toy B, we had an unequivocal Santi-Approved toy!  Not only would he play fetch in his un-ending obsessive fashion, he would as can be seen in the video play-hunt with it. As though it were a live animal that he was hunting, and so too, would go in for the kill.

Santi has a basket full of plushie toys as can be seen here. He will sporadically select one or two and play with them for a few minutes, but aside from his most beloved Duckie[s], and the Chill-Pill, no other toy has kept his attention as has Toy B from Amigo.

Further to the Toy Testing, Santi began to reproduce other “Duckie like behaviour”, transportinging to whatever room he and I were in.  You know, just in case *I* wanted to play fetch a little more.

… In the Hallway…

…in the Living Room…

… In the Bathroom…

…in the Kitchen…

…in Bed…

What more can be said, but Thank you Amigo for another toy my little one can obsess over!

If you want to see what other toys they offer you can check them out here.

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  1. Hello,

    My dog absolutely loves Toy A (the blue latex squeaky dog), it’s his favourite. Unfortunately wear and tear has taken its toll on it and the little thing barely squeaks anymore, which means Leo (my dog) doesn’t sing anymore (he used to howl when we squeezed the toy). I’ve been looking to buy this toy EVERYWHERE and have had no luck finding it in any stores, online, etc…… do you have any idea if and where I might be able to purchase this toy??

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