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Pampered Pets: Cats Need Grooming Too!

Here at Pampered Pets we don’t just cater to dogs we groom cats too!
Now you might think why do I have to get my cat groomed? Don’t cats just groom themselves?

While most cats do self-groom , there are many that don’t. Like my little Princessa Diva my black smoke persian whom I rescued when she was 4 months old.  Diva is terrible at grooming herself, lucky for her, she has a mum for a groomer.

Its important when owning a cat (especially a long-haired cat) that you keep up with its grooming.  By brushing the cat’s coat regularly you help to prevent it from matting and it helps to prevent hairballs.  And there is nothing I hate more than coming home and finding hairballs around the house.

If your like most people who don’t always have the time to chase the cat around the house to brush it then you may want to seek out a professional groomer.

Be prepared not all groomers will take on a cat.  Cats are slightly more difficult to groom and not all are comfortable with being groomed. Over the years I have encountered my fair share of “nasty” cats.

Let me tell you I will take a dog bite over a cat bite any day. Cat bites can be very dangerous and often will require medical attention. Humans can get very very sick from cat bites and in some extreme cases can induce a heart attack.

Unlike dogs you can’t tell a cat what to do you can try to muzzle or restrain a cat but if it wants to get at you it will. And in these such cases I will defer to our Veterinary Clinic that can offer grooming under sedation.

Most of the cats that frequent Pampered Pets are a joy to work on. The services we offer for cats can range anywhere between nail clipping and brushing, to a full shaving and bathing ( although most cats detest bathing and I don’t always recommend it).  Unfortunately unlike dogs we can not clip a cat’s fur at any length so if we can not “dematt” the cats coat we usually shave them.

I like to shave them in a “Lion’s Clip” which makes them look like a mini lion or my fave is the “Teddy Bear Clip” which is slightly different and a bit cuter in my opinion.

If you have an indoor cat then you can shave them at anytime of the year, if they go outdoors I recommend having them done in the warmer months.

For more info on cat grooming email your questions to

Your Friendly Groomer,
Anna Maria

This is Diva, after she gets shaved she has a bath. I would like to say she loves it but I doubt it.

This is Massimo and he's getting the "Lion-Clipp".

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  1. My three cats are coming to visit you this Saturday for some nail work. 🙂 We leave the tough work to the professionals, especially one’s that are so good with the animals!!

  2. I must say your cats are not only beautiful but so well behaved too! It was a pleasure to work with them 🙂

  3. Do you groom abandonned cats? I am feeding an abandonned cat until I can find him a home. His fur has become all matted, clumped and dirty. don’t know how he will react to being handled.
    What are my options? What’s the average rate for a cat grooming?


  4. Grooming a cat that hates it can prove difficult and upsetting for the owner, we have many readers that have this problem so if your in that situation you are not alone.

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