Saturday , 25 November 2017

Why not give DOGA a try?

I am trying really hard to make health and wellness a top priority in my life..anything that will help me to get moving and promote peace from within..I want to be part of it. One thing that I have wanted to incorporate for a long time is yoga….next week I am scheduled to finally begin my yoga journey..I call it a journey because that is what Bhaskar’s Bodhi Yoga is all about…I am excited and can not wait to begin. 

However, as much as I am looking to start my own journey, I came across DOGA-why shouldn’t our furry friends have the chance to be part of this experience made to feel good, relaxed and at peace?  Doggie Yoga- how cool is  that? I think the idea to work out together is a great incentive  to get off the couch and get moving. 

In Illinois, the Lakeshore Athletic’s Club has a unique “paw and flow” class based on flexibility and socialization that  creates an environment that will give humans and pets some quality time together while adding some personal exercise into the flow.  The dogs get a chance for some good ol’ free play time but follows with some simple “human” stretching exercises with relaxing techniques designed with the doggies in mind.

Ok..we haven’t seen DOGA in and around Montreal, but nationwide-doga classes are popping up everywhere.  Classes can be found popping up in studios in and around New York, California and other places nationwide.  It seems the idea of combining meditation, gentle stretching, and bonding time is a hit for many.  And let’s face it..where did the downward dog pose come from anyway?:)  We like to feed our dogs holisitc food, why nota little holistic movement  therapy?  Dogs are regarded as being loyal and pack-oriented? Isn’t that a perfect match for yoga?  Afterall- it is focused on harmony, union and connection.  We want to focus on our own well-being and reduce stress when possible?  What about for our furry friends-can’t they benefit from a bit of massage therapy, improved flexibility and stress reduction? 

And then there is the “feel good” aspect-just hanging out with furballs is in my opinion, is truly a smile generator as well as “feel good” time for all! 

I do not plan on asking Bhaskar anytime soon to incorporate DOGA into Bodhi, because I am looking forward to some ME time to focus on my own journey.  But the idea of taking the Pug along to a monthly class really is appealing. But for now, I will invest in the book, DOGA: Yoga for Dogs,  by Jennifer Brilliant and William Berloni.  I hope to learn some tips and techniques that I can do in my little gym at home.  And if we really get into it, I could always order an Omball or some other goodies from the Bodhi store (for dogs) in California.  Time for Kayla the Pug to get moving!

Ok Kayla…time for the downward dog…..::))

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  1. I live in montreal. I love to find a doga for my little chihuhua and me! Maybe we can start a DOGA! 🙂

  2. I’ll be giving Doga classes in Montreal starting January 2012.

    I’m an animal behaviour specialist and yoga teacher all rolled up into one. Classes will be small but if you want to have fun and train your dog and yourself to do yoga Dogue Shop is the place to go.

    You can visit the web site or the Dogue Shop’s Facebook page.


  3. I will definitely be in touch..that sounds amazing and just what I am looking for:)

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