Thursday , 23 November 2017

Decision Made: Quebec will Continue Using Gas Chambers.

Mr. Pierre Corbeil: The Dentist

Mr. Pierre Corbeil, Minister of Agriculture Fisheries and Food, has decided that our voice does not count and will condone the use of Gas Chambers in Quebec. I have no idea how a dentist got to be the one responsible for agriculture, fisheries and food. The only food that he knows about is the one that gets stuck in between teeth and the only solution he can give is to floss daily. THIS MAN HAS NO IDEA ABOUT ANIMALS! He obtained a doctoral degree in dentistry from Université de Montréal, was a Val-d’Or dentist for 25 years (1978-2003), during which time he was also a member of the board (1980-2003), secretary (1999-2001) and vice-president (2001-2003) of the Association des chirurgiens-dentistes du Québec.

Will you stand to this? Would you allow a man that has no interest on animal welfare base his decision on the AVMA ( American Veterinary Medical Association) ?If Mr. Corbeil uses as an excuse to accept gas chambers because of what the AVMA says then  Let’s call on the AVMA to condemn the use of gas chambers! And, if you thought that the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association could revoke the AVMA…just forget it.  The CVMA is just a carbon copy of the AVMA they don’t have a mind of their own. I tweeted to them this morning the following:A few hours after they tweeted back :It was a fast answer and when I got time to check to see what their position is, I saw that they had just sent me what they thought euthanazia should be. Click here to read their position. Who ever tweets for them has the guts to tell me to contact them for more information. If you thought that you could go to their page and find out what they are about FORGET IT! I would guess it is top secret information because it can only be seen if you are registered member. It would be a good idea when you visit your furfriend’s vet to ask what he thinks of gas chambers.

As long as the AVMA and the CVMA does not change their outdated information and research on gas chambers there will be no chance for them to be banned. That is why I ask for a minute of your time to write a letter to the AVMA and the CVMA to tell them that you want to see gas chambers abolished!

Also if you could write to Mr. Corbeil (AKA THE DENTIST) that you are not happy with his decision.It does not take us more than a few minutes to write what we really feel regarding about not being heard and not taking our point of view into consideration. We sustain government! THEY ARE THERE TO REPRESENT US! WE HAVE TO TELL THEM WHAT WE WANT NOT WHAT IT IS BEST FOR THEIR SELFISH INTEREST!

Response to the Petition to Abolish Gas Chambers: réponse_pétition_1768-20101019

Canadian Veterinary Medical Association
339 Booth Street
Ottawa, ON
K1R 7K1
Tel: (613) 236-1162
Fax: (613) 236-9681

Dr. Larry Kornegay, President AVMA

1931 North Meacham Road, Suite 100 Schaumburg, IL 60173

Phone: 800.248.2862 Fax: 847.925.1329


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  1. I thought that Canada was a humane country!! I am Canadian & this is atrocious! How dare you murder companion animals in such an inhumane way! A dentist ? Give me a break!

  2. The CVMA & AVMA Position Statements are not really worth anything as they are not enforceable policies. An example:

    “Declawing of Non-Domestic Felids [cougars, tigers, etc] Kept in Captivity

    …the CVMA opposes the surgical removal of claws of non-domestic felids kept in captivity, except for medical reasons.”

    They OPPOSE it. So what! It’s STILL happening! Nothing short of a ban on inhumane and cruel practices will get them to stop.

    It is essential that more professionals, especially veterinary professionals speak out against these practices.

    Our municipalities may have the power to declare what is considered unacceptable treatment of animals within their jurisdiction. For example, the City of West Hollywood in California agreed with the evidence that declawing domestic cats was cruel and involved unethical behaviour by veterinarians; the majority of vets don’t disclose the nature or facts of onyechtomy surgery (ie it is the amputation of a cat’s toes at the last knuckle, it is extremely painful, there’s a high complication rate, & more), or adequately council pet owners about alternatives, routine claw trimming, or normal behaviour & humane modification techniques. They were among eight cities in California to outlaw declawing. It’s already illegal in many countries outside Canada & the U.S.!

    Keep protesting inhumane treatment. Also consider joining or creating local Animal Welfare groups and join or create municipal Animal Welfare Committees to outlaw cruel practices where you live. Help others set up groups in their municipalities too. Don’t let YOUR taxes be used for inhumane animal treatment!

    Ask local veterinary professionals to take the NEW revised AVMA oath to swear “to use my scientific knowledge and skills for the benefit of society through the protection of animal health AND WELFARE, the PREVENTION and relief of animal suffering, the conservation of animal resources, the promotion of public health, and the advancement of medical knowledge…”

    “It’s appalling that the veterinary profession has never really taken animal welfare seriously; and it is only because society is becoming more conscious of it that they are doing so now. In fact, the profession has resisted this involvement for decades…” Jean Hofve, DVM,

    Hope may rest with younger vets:

    “Embracing Change in the Veterinary Profession”

    “The veterinary profession as a whole is not known for being outspoken. Often, when questions of animal welfare are posed, many veterinarians prefer to remain impartial or silent. Some may be concerned about causing conflicts with clients and others may be afraid of losing business. The phrase “no comment” is frequently offered when veterinarians are asked about animal welfare issues, particularly when the topic is controversial.

    However, as public views regarding animals change, our profession must also change…” see

    Print out a copy for local veterinary professionals. Ask them to become members of the HSVMA too.

    We WANT our vets to support humane treatment of animals!

    • Thanks for Sharing this information Pet Owner. I truly agree with you that we need to get animal professionals involved in this matter. There are some that have empathy and follow an ethical code. Then we have those that declaw and devocalize animals. Those involved in Animal Welfare have to be aware of who is there for the benefit of the animals and not for making profit from animals.

  3. really? i genuinely wish that people who have NO IDEA on matters wouldn’t be the ones dictating them. let me just be the first to say your decision DISGUSTS me and you should really heed the attention given to this issue. end puppy mills and we won’t have to stick hundreds of dogs into barrels every month. if you want to be a politician, perhaps you should address the problem at the CORE, and not continually WASTE MONEY, trying to half-assedly remedy a MASSIVE problem. utterly disgraceful. if i could vote, i would vote your sorry ass out of office. irregardless as to whether or not this is humane slaughter, the point still remains, overpopulation is due to poor control. we not only do not want to kill these animals, but we also want to remedy overpopulation, back yard breeders, puppy mills, and abuse. so, if this isn’t a big enough FLASHING HINTING SIGN, then you need a new prescription on those glasses. we want change, not more lazy bullshit. if you want to be a member of a government, you should give a damn about EVERY aspect in our country.

    further more, i’d like to add that you are NOT a professional, available to give PROFESSIONAL advice or insight on this matter. if you want to know what we think? ask the spca, and if their answer sucks, you can ask paws for life, eleven eleven rescue, AMR, and whomever else who may have members who are ACTUALLY VETRENARIANS investing their money onto SAVING LIVES. you pompous arse. and have a little tour onto the animal rights section on, care2, and wspa. are you really just that ignorant? thousands if not millions of individuals GLOBALLY want to abolish the same issues i’m waving in your face, and if you’re just going to continue turning a blind eye. thanks.

    THANK YOU. for nothing.

  4. I sent two emails and will continue to send once a day

  5. I will be announcing this on Calgary radio next week. Pls send me any feedback on what to say…don’t want to miss anything!!!

    • Thank you so much Kelly for sharing and letting other people know what we are dealing with. Let us know where we can listen to you.

  6. I caution everyone to have a rational response. I am very tired of having the entrenched economic interests, which must be involved at all levels of law-making, point fingers at those who care about animal welfare and say “see, they’re nuts,” and have the Ministers in question have their own experience that yes, these AW people are rather unpleasant and not rational.

    The simplest parts to attack in the law are the excuse that the gas chamber is acceptable to use where there is no veterinarian available. A veterinarian is no more necessary to administer lethal injection than assemble and flip a switch on a toxic gas box. What is necessary, in both cases, are trained personnel. Training is a small problem, and a poor excuse to make an exemption on humane methods.

    The next part to attack is the extension of five years. That is far too generous for them to mandate their own revisions of the laws in place, and it appears that they are purposefully dragging their heels on “studying” the many things in the law that need to be changed.

    I reiterate one final time, the most dangerous four-letter-word in business and advocacy is “SEND.”

    • With all due respect “Mrs. Sorensen” I am aware and agree with the Ideals of Mr. Sorenson. It is true that we have to approach people kindly in the letters that are sent and as you suggest, people should be polite at the moment of sending a letter of discontent.
      Animal Welfare advocates are already considered “crazy” by those that do not support the advocacy. We have to realize that although nothing has been done to ameliorate the animal welfare status…WE ARE ALREADY CONSIDER “CRAZY.” Therefore if letters are sent it will not make animal welfare advocates appear to be more “crazy” than what people see them already.

      “Those with enough courage to look into the mirror can see what exists now, not what must be, and if we do not like what we see there, we have the power and responsibility to change it.” –John Sorenson.

  7. thats it! why don’t we get our vets involved! most of them are animal lovers and not just in it for the money! and the vet techs, and vet students, and vet teachers. animal control officers rescuers and pet owners. people who train guide dogs, police dogs search dogs and therepapy animals! get them all a voice saying that gass chambers allow dogs to die slowly and inhumanely and that animals are loved a valued part pf society and a benefit to humanity! they should not be treated as objects, and we are the only voice they’ll get! if there is an animal who has made any amount of a difference to youre life, stand up and say that the animals of our world deserve better than this! let quebecs gas chamber legislation be the first step towards changing how we canadians, and later the world, view the creatures we stomp on and treat like primitive creatures unworthy of our protection!

    • Thanks so much for your comment Shontelle! I see you have initiative let me know if I can be of help in order to get things changed.

  8. Liliana, can you tell me the source of your information that Québec has decided that it will definitely continue using the gas chambers?? You will understand my interest in this matter. Thanx!

    • Definitely, I don’t know about that. But, for sure they will not stop by tomorrow. You know a friend in common posted it on his Facebook. And I did like everyone else… Google it and Saint Google answers it all.It is the first one that appears on the search. It gives you the download to the PDF from I added the picture of the screen just above above:)

  9. This makes me sick on my stomach literally. Gas Chambers shut down organs one at a time. It’s carbon monoxide poisoning. Some animals survive and when they do they have damage to their bodies that they have suffered. People have found animals in dumpsters her in the US that have survived these chambers so I’m not BS-ing you. If it’s not okay to use gas chambers on humans then why is it okay to use it on animals? More importantly if it’s not okay to gas a criminal why gas an innocent animal? What makes you so different from Hitler himself? Please give this another thought. It’s also damaging to the people who have to perform such tasks. At least pretend to care about them.

  10. This is horrible and the gas chamber and most of the killing which is indeed murder and not euthanasia must stop immediately.At the same time,all humans must become vegan today.We must stop our barbaric and cruel relationship with all animals and stop being speciesist.Our corrupted relationship with other animals is killing us and our planet.Go vegan.

  11. Gas chambers for animals,????? Did you get your training in the Nazi concentration camp????

    • The use of gas chambers ..i agree with everyone eles here is highly inhuman like i said to a friend befor about this …
      Who are give to have the right to decide on gassing helpless animals or ones that have been forced to go into fight matches and then become unadoptable because society sees them as tainted and unretrainable what gives us the right to take the life of a liveing creature human or animal yes there is an overrun of animals but there is other ways getting them fixed before they can reproduce more would save meny lifes and hopefully control the flow of stray animals
      Rules on owning a per should also be put into play one should not get one with the intent of harm or abandonmint if that is the desire then they shouldnt be alowed to have one if it means the animal is going to suffer in the end its ruthless and uncalled for they banned the use of the electric chair on humans because it was immoral can it not be said here as well that gas chambers are also inhuman and immoral to a different speices??

  12. This is what community rescue groups do. Keeping animals out of gas chambers and from the needles and saving lives of innocent animals. Here in Brevard County Fl our animal services shelters are refusing to let community rescue groups do their thing and animals are needlessly dying. When animal services is forced to work with these groups the system works. In three weeks 127 cats were adopted after an adoption center was set up in the local mall controlled by a rescue group. Yet BASE continues to turn their head to what can be done when people put their minds to saving animals in county shelters. My first hand experience with Herbie the Cat should have been a feel good story but instead Herbie is a statistic. His fate was with the Gas Chamber man and he was killed two hours before I could rescue him. I urge everyone to take action to make sure your community joins the other 200+ towns, cities and organizations that are now NO KILL facilities where 90% or more of the animals are saved.

    Contact Brevard County Animal Services and tell them to stop killing healthy animals

  13. This is a disgrace to Canda! I though this was suppose to be a compassionate country??? We can do better.

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