Thursday , 23 November 2017

Help !

My name is Nickie and I’m a German Shepherd 2 year old female. I have a very submissive personality. I was born from a BYB and my life has never been easy. I live in a dysfunctional family with 2 kids.

For the longest time, I spent my days tied to a post in the basement of the family house. My only crime: the son would beat me repeatedly and I was kept away from him. Two months ago I was moved. I now live between 2 doors. All day, every day. These people abandoned me to the pound once but came back for me after 6 days of pure hell. I came out of the pound in a pitiful state. Injured, sick and emaciated.

Today, they have decided that I should be adopted to another family for my own sake. I urgently need a foster family, just for a while, in order to find me a permanent home. It is dire, I live between 2 doors and someone has to step in before I go back to that hellish pound. I am very submissive and I need help to get out of here. I would like to know what it feels like to be loved, have toys of my own, go for walks. I would like to have a real life.

Please, won’t you help me find a loving home? My forever home?

Contact Lise, she’s trying to help me:  450-821-0775

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  1. I know you might not know, but do you think she would be good with cats and an older dog?

  2. Does anyone know how she is with other dogs?

  3. Hi guys – you’d need to contact the phone number listed. 🙂 Thanks for your interest! – N@

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