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Rescue Round-Up News March 11, 2011

Here are some recent rescue items from around the globe

  1. Edmonton woman fined for dog attack
  2. Woman fined $1000 in puppy abuse case that captured Calgarians’ hearts – Calgary
  3. OSPCA wont bid for city animal control tender  -Ontario
  4. STOP landlords and no pet policy -Canada – Sign the Petition
  5. Injured pup abandoned outside veterinary hospital – Calgary
  6. We’re All Animals: Justin Bieber: Friend to the Animals
  7. Judge rules self-defense in cat killing -EDMONTON
  8. Regina Humane Society launches Mobile Spay and Neuter clinic
  9. Criminal investigation may hamper BC sled dog death inquiry
  10. Guide dog saves master: Kiwi a true hero
  11. Rescued cat to star in TV show – NZ
  12. SPCA tries to match pets with owners after quake – NZ
  13. Alligator watches over drug stash in Southern California
  14. Vietnam mounts rescue for ‘sacred’ ancient turtle
  15. Nottingham rescue dog wins national award
  16. Rescue of the Week: Woman Squeezes Lifetime of Love into One Week
  17. BLUE the border collie who was locked up in a windowless garden shed for six years – UK
  18. Allegations of South Carolina animal control officers shooting dogs
  19. DOZENS of police officers and SIX fire departments turn up to rescue a DOG – UK
  20. Local mushers weigh in on dog sled discussion
  21. Humane Society: Senate Dog Breeding Bill “Guts” Prop. B
  22. Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race filled with mishaps so far
  23. Researchers find 9,400 year-old dog bones in Texas.
  24. Bronx apt. fire reveals squalid lair containing up to 60 cats, a dog and not a single litter box
  25. Adopted dog saves Portland owner’s life
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