Thursday , 23 November 2017

URGENT: Timid puppy lost in NDG Thurs night

A ‘Shareable’ item, please!

Rottweiler/German Shepherd/Bernese/Collie

-Looks more like Rottweiler/German Shepherd

-6 months
-50 pounds
-Eyes are brown with blue on top
-Name is Stella
-Last seen on Grand Boulevard and Fielding (Thursday March 10th)
-Very Timid
-Red collar with diamond bones

Contact Maria   514-449-7225

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  1. How could you loose this cute lil guy? Hold on to your dogs people!!

  2. It was an accident FYI, I am her friend. I had her on a leash and she ran out of fear of traffic noise and the chain snapped in half. Stella is loved tremendously by her owner and many others. So now you know … Phil.

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