Wednesday , 17 January 2018


Little Otis was found by a kind person on Somerled in NDG (who wanted to keep him!).  The person ended up calling Berger Blanc today and because Otis’ owner had been checking there daily, they knew who Otis belonged to!  Gotta love a happy ending! This serves as a good reminder to check who is responsible for collecting stray animals in your borough.  Make sure you know!

Otis the Pug.

Missing from Montclair and Fielding in NDG since Monday night, March 14, 2011

Male, not fixed.  He’s about 4 years old and freshly bathed so not wearing his collar.

He’s kind of chubby and he cartwheels when he pees.

Please forward this and contact Jackie at 514-209-3572

Offering a reward.

Remember to keep your eyes peeled for Stella – she has been missing from the NDG area since last week.

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  1. Jackie,

    Be sure to go down to Berger Blanc and check he didn’t get picked up and sent there. They have the contract with NDG so that’s automatically where they would take him. You have to go in person and look for yourself ASAP. They don’t help over the phone and only keep dogs for a couple days.

  2. Thanks Alex, I went and will return every 2 days to check at the Berger Blanc, and SPCA (just in case).

  3. I have found my pug!!!!!!! The Berger Blanc got a call from the people that found him and they (Berger Blanc) called me to let me know where he was!!!!! I am so so so grateful for all the help and especially for the great people he stayed with the last couple of nights!

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