Saturday , 25 November 2017

LOST: Dog missing from Aylmer boarding facility

This is a very sad story – please share if you can!  (All contact info/further information is available at the link below)

My friend’s brother just came home to Aylmer Quebec, from a 3 week vacation, to discover that the kennel where he left his beloved 7 year old mini poodle/chihuahua mix ‘Fisa” lost his dog three weeks ago! The family is just devastated!  

The blog (link below) explains it all. Essentially the dog was kenneled at SPCA of Western Quebec which also offers boarding services. She was put outside in a dog run which wasn’t very secure for a 10 pound dog as there was a large gap between the gate and the ground, definitely enough space for her to escape. At the same time, since it’s also an adoption facility, a few cars came by looking to adopt but since it was Sunday and the shelter was closed, they were turned away. It’s possible that one of them spotted little Fisa and, wanting a dog,and assuming that she was up for adoption, may have ‘helped themselves’. No matter, Fisa has now been missing for 3 weeks and her family would desperately love to have her back home.

Please forward this to all of your contacts. Let’s get the word out and help get this little girl back to her family.

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  1. Oh this is just so sad, I don’t want that to happened to anyone specially if you really attached to your dog. It’s really hard to be in that situation, from this I learned that you have to be careful in where to trust your dog. I hope he will be able to find his dog.

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