Monday , 19 February 2018

Ay Chihuahua! Looking for Hustler!

Nat received an email with a plea to help Andrea find a little Hustler that is lost walking out and about in the city of Laval or may have been dognapped.  His Human friend Andrea provides the following:

I’M ASKING FOR YOUR HELP! PLEASE. I lost my 2 year old male chihuahua Saturday March 12, 2011 around 7pm.

He was lost in Chomedey, Laval, near 100th avenue, St-Martin, Louis Payette, Favreau…(Maybe could have gone further)

I believe someone saw him, took him and decided to keep him because I posted signs everywhere (over a hundred copies) on streets & online, called SPCA to vets to anywhere i can think of and no one has claimed him FOUND.

Unfortunately I’M ONE PERSON and can’t go up posting signs in West Island, DDO, Montreal, Ste-Dorothe ETC.

This is where you guys can help. We all have friends everywhere around the city. THIS IS MY ONLY CHANCE FINDING HIM PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

There’s REWARD OF A 1000$ to who ever finds my dog!!!!

Description : All beige Chihuahua with a white stomach, 4 white paws and a white tip tail 

Area Lost in: St-Martin, 100th Avenue, Louis Payette, Favreau, (Those are the nearest areas) in Laval.

REWARD: $1,000.00

Please if you have any information on Hustler please contact Andrea at:  or call: 514-581-230


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  1. has he been found ?
    this jerks at my heart, he looks sooo much like my bella,
    My eyes are open 🙁

  2. No he did not, It really brakes my heart too I miss him so much he meant and still means the world to me.

    Thank you for keeping yours eyes open btw.

    Andrea A.

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