Thursday , 23 November 2017

Barking & Yowlling for the Whistler 100-Downtown MTL

A beautiful sun shined over Montreal, Quebec, Saturday afternoon. The group of Advocates for the Advancement of Animal Welfare had the weather at their advantage and used it to attract the attention of Montrealers to the massacre of the 100 Husky pups from Whistler, BC. Emmalee Forgetta, for AAOAW , came ready with clipboards and sheets for the petitions to be signed. I am happy to say that around 30 to 40 Montrealers and their furkids joined and marched on St-Catherine to remember the 100 huskies that were shot, some got their throat slid, and some were still alive while they were thrown into a massive graveyard pit.

At the corner of  Ste-Catherine St. W. & McGill College Ave the group established in order to shout “Justice for the Whistler 100″ and ” Non a la cruauté animale” to the top of our lungs. People were lured to come closer to read the signs and to take pictures due to the beautiful 4 legged friends that were there to bark for their fallen comrades in Whistler.

I was standing behind Emmalee and others that each had a clipboard and asking people to sign the a petition regarding Law C-299. I was so happy to hear when one woman came to Emalee Forgetta holding a clipboard and said “Do you have more sheets? I ran out and people want to sign.”

Montreal stepped up to the challenge and signed in order to push for the end to animal cruelty. Tourists were taking pictures which shows that although Emmalee tried to contact the media and had no response…the word got out from Montreal thanks to tourists filming and taking pics.

Thank you Emmalee and thank you to all that gave a voice to animals on Saturday, March 19, 2011.

Emmalee Forgetta "Montreal's event was PAW-TACULAR! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Montreal for all your support and signatures for Bill C-229. "

Nicole Joncas, Teja's Animal Refuge, signing the petition.

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  1. Great article. (“At the corner of University and St.Catherine”). But we were at the corner of Ste-Catherine St. W. & McGill College Ave. Doesn’t matter though – we did our duty to honor hose poor lost beautiful doggies that had to suffer at the hands of those cruel imbacils.

    • LOL Thanks Allan I will fix it right now 🙂 I knew we were standing somewhere around there! No wonder the GPS is my best friend!

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