Wednesday , 17 January 2018

One man’s trash, another’s treasure

Most of you looking at this little squishy face probably thinks he is a little piece of heaven on earth that you need to pick up  and a) smother with love, b) showered in kisses c) run away with, but i bet the last thing you would think of is throw him in a trash can to be taken out with the trash.

Why would i say such a gut wrenching horrible thing? Because that is exactly what happened to him. He is the representation of our disposable society in which animals are the biggest victims. Although he was literally thrown away like trash – thousands of animals and puppies just as cute of him are also ‘thrown out like trash’ figuratively daily. Montreal has an incredible number of homeless, abandoned animals.

Every single person who has abandoned their pet, their animals have had a litter on purpose or by accident, chosen to buy from a breeder or pet-store instead of adopt, has directly contributed to our ‘disposable society’.

The puppy above is hardly 5 weeks old, and has already been a victim of our society’s disregard for animals. He has also been a victim of neglect or abuse and it is apparent that there is growth malformations in his rear legs from living in a small cage or box. We are looking to have him further evaluated by a specialist to have more insight on how big this problem could be for him in the long run.

He needs a home, and we once again need funding to help Eleven Eleven Animal Rescue be able to provide him with the medical care her needs. If you would like to contribute towards his medical care please do so here;

Thank you for choosing to adopt,

Caroline Ross, A.H.T/T.S.A
Founder, Eleven Eleven Animal Rescue
Adopt a Pet, Save a Life

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  1. What could I comment to this? We are fucked-up us people, that’s my comment! Sorry for the expression, but that’s what I feel!

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