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Pamperped Pets: Dog Nail Trimming 101

As it is important for us humans to keep up with our own nail trimming it is the same for our dogs. Every dog needs their nails trimmed. Trimming your dogs nails is essential to its grooming. Untrimmed nails leaves dogs vulnerable to painful broken nails.  Once your dog has split or broken a nail it will require veterinary attention and in some more server cases surgery.

If your dogs nails “click” against the floor then they are too long and must be trimmed!

You should be trimming your dogs nails at least every 4-8 weeks. Although there are some dogs that naturally grind their own nails on the pavement outside while on walks. These dogs nails should still be checked on occasion because they will need a trim eventually.


You can always take your dog to the vet to cut their nails.

You can visit your professional dog groomer for a nail trim.

Or you can always learn to do it yourself in the comfort of your home but be cautious dog’s nails contain a “Quick” which is a blood vessel that runs down the middle of the dog’s nail. If cut too short the nail will bleed. So be very careful , I suggest when purchasing your dog nail clippers you should also purchase an anti-septic powder called Kwik-Stop which will stop nail bleeds almost immediately.

Don’t have Kwik-Stop? Then use corn starch powder or baking flour to stop nail bleeds.

Before you dive in and start trimming your dogs nails first get your dog used to the idea of you playing with their feet. Some dogs really protest to having their nails trimmed, it is best to get them used to it at an early age. The younger you start them out the better it will be for them. Even if your dog protests at first start off slow. Begin trimming your dogs nails with just one nail at a time, then slowly graduate from one nail to one paw then before you know it all four paws are done.

Always use positive reinforcement and never get frustrated while trying to trim your dogs nails.

If trimming your dogs nails really isn’t for you then I strongly suggest seeking out a vet or professional dog groomer.

We will be more than happy to assist you.  Sometimes its just better to leave it to the professionals.

We at Pampered Pets in Westmount welcome drop-in nails clippings for dogs and cats from Tuesday- Saturday.

Your Friendly Groomer,

Anna Maria

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  1. Hello am Dr Tony and I will tell you exactly what u should do…

    1. Seat your dog securely. Hold the paw firmly and push on his pads to extend the nail. Locate and avoid the quick. (in clear nails a pink color indicates where the quick ends)

    2. Cut the nail below the quick on a 45-degree angle, with the cutting end of the nail clipper toward the end of the nail. With dark nails and larger dogs, you may want to start at the end of the nail and make a series of small clips
    Give your dog a treat after trimming nails.

    Never attempt to trim your dog’s nails with clippers designed for use on humans.

    need more tips just ask Dr Tony.

  2. Thanks for showing people that trimming a dogs nails isn’t rocket science. Many people are intimidated by the process and just do nothing until the nails are way too long and it becomes a big issue.

  3. laura Clarke-Shillingford

    Thanks so much Anna Maria; I will cross -post for my peeps 😛

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