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Rescue Round-Up News April 1, 2011

Here are some recent rescue items from around the globe

  1. Parvo Virus Forces Quarantine of Some Dogs at Shelter – BC
  2. Canadian Guide Dogs seeking Puppy Walkers – Ontario
  3. Dog’s dental woes net animal cruelty charges -Vancouver
  4. Disappearing dogs in Rosedale – BC
  5. Animal rights groups back in court for Lucy – Edmonton
  6. Ottawa couple charged with permitting distress to pet dog
  7. Little Yorkie helped save owner – Ontario
  8. Kamloops police dog sniffs out missing toddler – BC
  9. Group nursing abused horses back to health  – BC
  10. Family rescues dog from icy river- Ontario
  11. Guzoo animal farm under fire in mass social media campaign – Edmonton
  12. Animal rights group can’t petition at pet expo – Calgary
  13. Shelter Challenge Results The Animal Rescue Site
  14. Judge Rules Belfast Dog, Lennox Put Down For Looking Like Pit Bill.
  15. Local Rescue Rangers Save Dogs From Death
  16. Officer Saves Cat From Perilous Freeway Perch
  17. Global Animal Donates $9050 To Japan Pet Animal Rescue
  18. Squirrel discovered in hotel toilet
  19. Animal lovers rescue hundreds of pets from Miami shelter
  20. Sweet Caroline, left for dead. Found starving behind the locked door of an apartment.
  21. Dogs Tossed Into Alligator-Infested Water

On the Ground in Japan: IFAW ER Team Reports on Assessments


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