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Bill C-229 An Act to Amend the Criminal Code

BILL C-229

Information provided by Pets Speak Out  

Provisions of the Criminal Code dealing with animal cruelty have changed very little since 1892. These laws were written so long ago (when animals were protected by virtue of being property) that it makes it virtually impossible to obtain convictions against animal abusers.

Eleven times over the last ten years Parliamentarians have seen animal cruelty legislation brought in front of the House of Commons designed to bring Canada up to the standards being set by jurisdictions around the world. Members of Parliament have invested significant time and effort researching and authoring bills such as last session’s C-373; however, the prorogation of parliament, or the calling of an election have stood in the way of a vote to make any of these bills law.

Mark Holland is re-introducing his private member’s bill on animal cruelty. Now numbered C-229, which is identical to the private member’s bill C-373. Since first introducing Bill C-373, Mark has worked cooperatively with respected national and international animal welfare groups which are campaigning for effective animal cruelty law reform. Their concerted efforts are focused on convincing the Conservative government to introduce his bill as government legislation.

Bill C-229, is so important because it would increase penalties for animal cruelty offences and effectively close the loopholes in the Criminal Code that make it difficult for enforcement agencies and the courts to convict animal abusers. Despite unfounded paranoia, C-229 protects against prosecution and allows for all regular hunting, fishing, farming, ranching, and industry practices to continue lawfully.

The fight for effective animal cruelty legislation is ongoing – it’s time for Parliament to finally make this bill law.

Compare Bill S-203 and Bill C-373 (C-229) here.


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