Tuesday , 12 December 2017

Another Animal Cruelty Case in Quebec (Warning Pictures are Graphic)

Like every single day I tweet about animal cruelty…like every day I get more furious and frustrated at the society that we live in. But why is it that we are not seeing anything done? Could it be because people don’t give a damn about it? I just finished reading the link for the article done by Canoe.ca and guess what? Do they mention anything about Cruelty to Animals…NO! They ask the couple if they have enemies and the couple says… NO!

Dumb asses!!!! I don’t think that the puppy had enemies either! I am no freaking cop, nor I watch freaking cop shows…BUT COMMON SENSE TELLS ME THAT IF THEY WOULD ASK AROUND ABOUT A FEMALE DOG AROUND THAT AREA THAT HAD PUPPIES THEY WOULD FIND THE PERSON RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS CRIME! It is hard to look at the pictures, but if we have all seen a newborn puppy we know that this little guy did not have many days into him.

A description of a truck seen at the time of the crime was given: Purple,2000 model Dodge Caravan. AND THEN WHAT?! What happened to the case of the pup found been shot with a nail gun to her head? Quebec: Unsolved Animal Cruelty Cases Galore!

Pictures provided by Gayle Coleman Join the FB group created in effort to find the Monster that did this. The pictures were taken by AMR refuge.

Quebec Animaux created a poster to be printed out with  contact information if you may have information to provide to the police. They ask for the cooperation of the Montérégie area.

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  1. Horrible!! Find these sickos!

  2. I read this as an update on one Facebook group and I coudltn believe it. Someone that had the heart to do something as cruel and sick as this is a Sociopath.

    This is the type of situation where when(and i hope they do) they find the person that they are charged with murder.

    If a dog was to attack a new born child the dog would be put down… and guess what… sometimes it natural instinct and the dog can’t help it.

    This person CHOSE to do this to a new born pup.. this is beyond cruelty to animals.

    This… was… MURDER

    In this day and age; we have agreed on Human Rights… How about WORLD RIGHTS….

    We spread throught the world Polluting and destroying natural habitats; killing species… thats bad enough… BUT THIS IS MURDER.

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