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Rescue Round-Up News April 8, 2011

Here are some recent rescue items from around the globe

  1. Missing puppy saved in dramatic helicopter rescue – BC
  2. Dog attack highlights archaic animal control bylaws: official
  3. Edmonton couple overjoyed to be animal foster parents
  4. Man sentenced after police dog stabbed in head – Edmonton
  5. Quilts keep sad animals comfy – Edmonton
  6. Ways to help support effective federal animal cruelty legislation – Canada
  7. Dog rescued from Interstate 10 during morning rush hour – Arizona
  8. Firefighters rescue 11 ducklings from a storm drain – California
  9. Jack Russell Terrier Dog Saves Kittens In Fire Rescue (video)- Australia
  10. Oklahoma woman fights to keep her paralyzed pet kangaroo
  11. Winnipeg ponders feral cat problem
  12. Chase Utley Says, ‘Adopt, Don’t Buy’
  13. Owner spends £20000 on wedding for dog
  14. Shelter dogs now part of Ashtabula search team- Ohio
  15. Just needs some love’: Boxer was so starved its ribs, spine were visible
  16. Cat rescued from Laurel Avenue rooftop – NJ
  17. Williamsburg animal control kills dog it was called to help – Ky
  18. Puppy With Slashed Throat Saved By Good Samaritan – PA
  19. Woman struck by vehicle while trying to help dog – Oklahoma
  20. Girl Shares Special Bond with Adopted Horse – TX


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  1. Hello,

    I currently have a 5 year old Jack female, she is a sweet heart and I love her dearly however with 2 kids under 3 and a new job I no longer have time for her and I feel bad. Who should I talk with in order to put her up for adoption… I’m not putting her in a shelter, just starting the process to get her a great home.

    Any help would be great.

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